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> Jstris Quickfire polls
Please read the description before voting.
QF #5: Do you want to play with 0 previews (no next piece shown) or 1 preview?
1 preview (like in classic Tetris) [ 5 ] ** [55.56%]
0 previews (like in MPH) [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
I don't care [ 4 ] ** [44.44%]
QF #5: Do you want to play with T-Spins rewarded or not?
reward T-Spins (TSD = 4 lines sent etc.) [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
don't reward T-Spins [ 4 ] ** [44.44%]
I don't care [ 3 ] ** [33.33%]
QF #6: Do you want to play Sunday ~ 8 PM CET or Sunday ~6 AM CET?
~8 PM CET (11 AM PST, 3 AM JST) [ 5 ] ** [55.56%]
~6 AM CET (9 PM PST, 1 PM JST) [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
I don't care [ 2 ] ** [22.22%]
Total Votes: 27
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post Oct 12 2017, 07:05 PM
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Please read the description first. If you've submitted your vote, you cannot revert your choice. The polls are about the rule in QuickFire #5 and the time of day when QuickFire #6 is held. Here is a link to the main Jstris QuickFire thread, if you don't know what this is about.

rule in QuickFire #5:
This rule will be very classic. Memoryless randomizer, no Hold piece, combos are not rewarded, pretty messy garbage. In classic Tetris you would usually play with 1 preview. However, there is also the MPH meme (MPH = memoryless previewless holdless) which is kinda the meanest ruleset possible: People don't know which piece they'll get next until the piece enters the matrix. This means people will play at a speed of 1.5 pieces per second at maximum.
In classic Tetris, T-Spins weren't rewarded. Tetrises were the primary means of attack. However,. There's no much reason to make them. You cannot store a T piece in hold and if you want to make a T-slot you will never know when the next T piece will show up (because of memoryless randomizer and limited previews).

time of day for QuickFire #6:
So far, all QuickFires except QF #2 were made for American and European players whereas more American players showed up than European players. Basically, you can divide the playerbase in American, European, East Asian and Australian players. There's no time preferable for all those 4 groups. So the question is who to ditch / dump: European or East Asian/Australian players. Since I am from Europe, the only prefarable time for America & East Asia I can offer is very early Sunday for me (which is Saturday evening for America and Sunday noon/afternoon for East Asia & Australia). The poll may also influence the time of day for other Quickfires.
Quickfire #5 will be this weekend, and #6 one week later. CET stands for Central European time (most of EU). PST stands for Pacific Standard Time (California). JST stands for Japan Standard Time. The time in the poll means when the Quickfire starts. A Quickfire will last for about 90 minutes.
~8 PM CET means 8 PM or 9 PM CET. If you want to participate and 9 PM CET is a better time for you, then please reply in this thread and say so (sorry, ran out of poll questions). ~6 AM CET means 6 AM CET or 7 AM CET. If you want to participate and 7 AM CET is a better time for you (I doubt it because 6 AM is obivously better for American East coast), then please reply in this thread and say so.
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