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> Nullpo1key, 1-key finesse in Nullpomino
post Nov 5 2012, 11:41 PM
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Attention: This is singleplayer only. This is no real 1-key-finesse. Number of keys is roughly halved, but in 3 of 14 cases (50% chance for L,J,T pieces) you have to press an additional key.

Download link: Click me.

Thanks to bigwig, I was able to make small changes to NullpoMino 7.5. If you play with less than 5 previews (side&big), then your previews will be vertically centered on the screen. And I implemented my 19 keys setup:
  • 8 keys to put down the pieces horizontally (where 1 key is sporadically used in sprints)
  • 10 keys to put down the pieces vertically (where 1 key is only needed for I piece)
  • 1 key to switch to left/down orientations instead of right/up orientations.
IPB Image
I hardly use the keys, which are displayed more transparently. D stands for harddrop, L for left+drop, R for right+drop and S for sonic/firm drop. When you use left orientation (180+vertical drop), it's like pieces are moved 1 space to the right. This way, you can think better in columns and you need 9 instead of 10 keys to drop T,L,J vertically.

Nullpo1key comes with rules for 1-3 previews and 2 new block skins (Multris FTW). I use the sounds, which yotipo91 once uploaded. Under options you find a menu to configure the needed keys. Reset settings -> Blockbox style will configure the keys to the setting, I use (see picture above). The other 2 options under "reset settings" will delete the keys. Here a gameplay video (other spawning orientations will work too):


Q: Are you faster with this weird setup?
A: Yes, about 8 to 10 tetrominos per minute.

Q: Do you need special touch typing skills?
A: Knowledge of touch typing is surely useful, but not essential, e.g. I can type amazing 20 words per minute. Still, I can reach all keys by just moving one finger (and not the whole hand).

Q: How much time will it take me to learn?
A: I got the first decent results after 1 month. And it took me another month until my skills flattened out. However, I used a harder to learn system back then. I recommend to not play more than 30 or 45 minutes per day. Otherwise it's wasted time. Believe me, skill will come slowly by time.

Q: How does the 180 key work?
A: You only need it to drop L,J,T in left or down orientation. Just tap it before you use the drop key. You don't have to hold it down while pressing the drop key. Tap it a second time, if you want to switch back to right or up orientation. Note, that the upcoming piece will be dropped in right or up orientation by default, even if you used 180 for the current key. Sonic/firm drop key works similar.

Q: Do you plan to add real 1-key-finesse?
A: Nope, I am too lazy. I think, my 19 keys setup has a good balance between keys per tetromino and attainability. People, who use real 1-key finesse, do without down orientations.

Q: Can I also play this normally?
A: Yes. But why would you like to do so? The only difference to normal NullpoMino is, that < 5 previews (side&big) are moved down. If you like my rules, sounds or block skins, then copy them over to your NullpoMino folder instead (config\rule, res\se, res\graphics\blockskin).

Q: Do the replays also work on other NullpoMino versions?
A: If you use the 19 keys setup, then of course not. Otherwise yes (also vice versa).

Q: Does this version break netplay?
A: Dunno, but the changes, I did, are minimal. You would have to setup an own server to find out. And playing modes with spins wouldn't make sense ;-)
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post Nov 6 2012, 12:07 AM
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Nice work.
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