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Posted by: MatMayuga Sep 28 2019, 10:38 AM

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The classic score tournament is on and itís your turn to join the showdown. Presenting my first ever tournament in the Hard Drop community: Retro Mode Master. This tournament revolves around the Retro mode found in Dr Ocelot's Tetr.js Enhanced.
The tournament runs today, 9/28 until 10/5, at 12 AM GMT+8.

1. Play the game found on this link:
2. Select Retro mode and the specified starting level provided here.
3. After the end of the game, post screenshots/videos of your play, including your level, lines, and score.
4. The player with highest score wins! If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be the highest amount of lines cleared and the Tetris rate in one game.

Starting Lv.: 5
Score Ranks:
F: 24,999 pt or lower
E: 25,000 pt
D: 50,000 pt
C: 75,000 pt
B: 100,000 pt
A: 150,000 pt
S: 200,000 pt
SS: 250,000 pt
SSS: 300,000 pt

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