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Forums - Hard Drop - Tetris Community _ Introductions _ BiseSim has entered the server

Posted by: BiseSim Jun 19 2019, 12:18 PM

Hello Hard Drop Community. I'm BiseSim. You can call me Bise or Sim. I may have spoken with some of you (Blink, Wumbo, Doremy, Evy ... ) in Twitch or Discord already. I love Tetris, I love the Harddrop Wiki that taught me a lot about T-Spins, Perfect Clears, Combos etc. So I thought I register here and maybe I can participate and even add some useful information to the wiki. Heart.png

I myself am a 30-something year old dude from Germany and am most of the time in a pretty joyful mood. smile.gif

(except when I'm not VeryAngry.png )

I graduated in mathematics. Currently I work on my PhD-thesis which involves cellular automatons. (maybe I should try to fit something about Tetris-pieces in there Sarcastic.png )

Ok that's it for the moment!

Posted by: k_rakko Jun 20 2019, 02:07 PM

Hi Bise. Welcome to harddrop! I love mathematics too. smile.gif

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