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Posted by: Okey_Dokey Feb 7 2019, 09:56 AM

note: HardDrop forums have retired. Leaderboard is continued at

That game seems to be quite popular among the folks over at the Tetris subreddit. So why not make a leaderboard for it? This thread comes 3 years too late but let's try nonetheless. Note that you can also participate by posting in the reddit thread linked below (you don't necessarily need a HardDrop account). Scores achieved in the Sanrio / Hello Kitty version are also valid.


I have the following categories in mind. I am open for further suggestions.

Highest Score

Start at level 1 or 5 and try to score as many points before you top out. For a submission, post a screenshot of your score.

#  Player                Score      Remarks
1.  Tiger_Ros*           2,103,929
2.  Nilgiri~             2,063,466
3.  Okey_Dokey           1,829,064
4.  0987user*            1,679,348
5.  hebo-MAI~            1,582,284
6.  Kapttouzi*           1,324,872
7.  Captain_Dan_14*      1,266,068
8.  YourRustedNuts*      1,234,767
9.  Rooster_Chasm*       1,158,638
10. Sebmansigh*          1,148,545
11. dragoncatcher68*     1,139,130
12. psychedelicsexfunk*  1,138,013
13. lsgpotter*           1,069,678
14. BiseSim              1,053,018
15. y3ofr3y*               996,172
16. LordDeclan*            912,573
17. SleepyS4M*             873,046
18. SwagMuffin628*         870,186
19. Tevnor*                865,794
20. Fittelminger*          831,503
21. GrannyPanPan*          829,917
22. n0ah_13*               811,651
23. Anaxagoras_*           795,004
24. ScorchingOwl*          790,447
25. RobinTheSunPraiser*    785,270
26. TayDelanie*            779,385
27. puresoda*              775,705
28. Carl-Jim*              765,347
29. Tachuncarser*          763,929
30. MattOD42*              749,747
31. NateyOnPC*             749,357
32. Putin_did_911*         735,454
33. TiaoPM*                721,784
34. blueboxbeing*          710,159
35. Bennett_gcb*           688,450
36. SpeedyDuck790*         678,398
37. freddiesteady*         666,193
38. PD_SkyNative*          656,561
39. ReactivatedAccount*    640,495
40. rerrahs*               638,331
41. khoaistran*            624,134
42. TheCaliforniaRaisins*  623,457
43. _JJCUBER_*             610,859
44. silverarman*           588,534
45. ak47117*               562,059
46. elupolew*              561,924
47. SkjChk*                561,663
48. yubinizer625*          557,572
49. AmuseBouche101*        551,988
50. MonikaKalam            545,106
51. robaeee27*             539,226
52. Pog1Pog1Pog1Pog1*      536,406
53. PeterTheChallenger*    534,795
54. DrecksBongert*         522,588
55. LeifyMeister*          520,429
56. temmiedoggocat*        512,405
57. isaque_iguess*         509,966
58. UsrnmePendng*          502,235
59. hakish2001*            496,414
60. Ykulnu*                492,176
61. RisingBroadway*        485,791
62. _SilverKnight_*        474,899
63. ShadowKnight8032*      463,214
64. PabloNex               447,115
65. Bloodshriker*          435,193
66. thesoggysaag*          427,226
67. sterzat*               426,811
68. CreepyInvestigator*    424,413
69. Coldes*                423,272
70. Thedoctor986*          422,596
71. Yognaughto*            421,372
72. MofInflorescence*      411,374
73. thelongcon_nor*        411,018
74. 1234greenboy*          408,205
75. Shaunpmz*              401,870
76. Trunks119*             396,456
77. aFizzyBoi14*           370,040
78. ekzlbit*               369,253
79. chavoruco1*            368,302
80. Alightsole*            363,904
( asterisk behind user name means reddit user )
( tilde behind user name means a harddrop user who didn't submit the score to this thread )

Highest Level

Start at a level that isn't higher than 20 (level 25 is forbidden) and try to clear as many lines as possible. For a submission, post a screenshot where one can see the reached level and amount of cleared lines. Note that Auto Repeat Speed mustn't be higher than 50 ms to avoid a certain

#  Player               Level             Remarks
1. Tiger_Ros*           lvl 30 + 13 rows
2. 0987user*            lvl 30 + 12 rows
3. Tachuncarser*        lvl 30 + 11 rows
4. hebo-MAI~            lvl 30 + 10 rows
4. YourRustedNuts*      lvl 30 + 10 rows
4. Rooster_Chasm*       lvl 30 + 10 rows
7. psychedelicsexfunk*  lvl 30 +  9 rows
8. lsgpotter*           lvl 30 +  6 rows
9. Okey__Dokey          lvl 28 +  9 rows
10.Putin_did_911*       lvl 25 +  5 rows
11.ScorchingOwl*        lvl 25 +  2 rows
12.Alightsole*          lvl 23 +  5 rows

Speedrun to level 25

Start at level 1 and try to reach level 25 as fast as possible. Time is taken as soon as you place the piece that clears the 240th line (time begins after the countdown) and said time is rounded up to the next full second. For a submission, you have to record a video.

#  Player        Time          Remarks
1. hebo-MAI~     4 min 13 sec
2. Okey_Dokey    5 min 24 sec

Posted by: Okey_Dokey Feb 7 2019, 10:10 AM

Video for my submission. Run for highscore starts at 0:00. Run for most lines & fast level 25 starts at 11:23.

I want to use this post to explain the common strategies a bit. The level increases every 10 lines and with it the difficulty. So, if you want to reach a good score, you must maximize the amount of points per cleared line. It's as follows for all guideline games:

Single stands for clearing one line at once and so on. b2b stands for back-to-back. You get the back to back bonus for T-Spins or Tetrises, if and only if your last line clear was also either a Tetris or T-Spin. An 8 combo means clearing at least one line with 9 consecutive pieces.

[/b]Line clears:
  • Single: 100 points per cleared line
  • Double: 150 points per cleared line
  • Triple: 167 points per cleared line
  • non-b2b Tetris: 200 points per cleared line
  • b2b Tetris: 300 points per cleared line
  • non-b2b T-Spin Mini: 200 points per cleared line
  • non-b2b T-Spin Single: 800 points per cleared line
  • non-b2b T-Spin Double: 600 points per cleared line
  • b2b T-Spin Double: 900 points per cleared line
  • non-b2b T-Spin Triple: 533 points per cleared line
  • b2b T-Spin Triple: 800 points per cleared line
  • 4-combo with Singles only: 200 points per cleared line
  • 8-combo with Singles only: 300 points per cleared line
  • 12-combo with Singles only: 400 points per cleared line
  • 16-combo with Singles only: 500 points per cleared line
  • 4-combo with Doubles only: 200 points per cleared line
  • 8-combo with Doubles only: 250 points per cleared line

As you can see from those numbers, T-Spins are the most effective. Combos can beat the effectiveness of Tetrises but only if you clear a high amount of Singles ("4-wide"). Combos are no match for T-Spins though, so I will ignore them from now on. T-Spins will score roughly 3 times as many points per cleared line as Tetrises do. From those numbers, you may think that stacking for T-Spin Doubles (or T-Singles) is more effective than T-Spin Triples but that's not the case. When stacking for T-Spin Doubles, you must always clear Tetrises from time to time or your stack will grow until you top out. Anyway, T-Spin Doubles and T-Spin Triples are both legit strategies with T-Spin Triples being slightly more effective. If you make a T-Spin line clear with almost every T piece, then you can increase the effectiveness to roughly 2.5 times the effectiveness of pure Tetris stacking. However, T-Spins are hard to setup, especially under high gravity: either creating the overhang will prove difficult or moving the T piece over the overhang.

Here are the 4 main T-Spin strategies for getting as many points as possible. You may also combine those strategies, e.g. start with Freestyle and then switch to "empty column at the wall" once gravity becomes too high.

You leave a column empty somewhere in the center and setup T-Spins over it whenever you see it. This strategy has 2 major drawbacks: First, you will not be able to make a T-Spin with almost every T piece except when you are very pro. And secondly, it works very badly under high gravity.

empty column at the wall
You leave a column empty directly at the wall. You try to do some no-lineclear T-Spins or platform T-Spins whenever you see them but Tetrises most of the time. This strategy is bad for scoring but works very well under high gravity.

ZT Stacking
That's basically a loop where players try to follow a pattern if possible. You make T-Spin Doubles directly on the right wall whereas a vertical Z piece works as a base. Placing the Z piece will create a hole but it will be gone after the T-Spin Double. You have to do a Tetris roughly every 4 T-Spins. Here's a for it. This strategy is very good for scoring and works well under high gravity. However, if you can't follow the pattern, you are screwed: Your stack will have a bad shape and it's very hard to get back to that pattern again.

Infinite TST
That's another loop but this time relying on T-Spin Triples. You set up a "T-Spin Triple tower" in the 4 most-right or most-left columns (right is better under high gravity), then clear the tower with 2 T-Spin Triples and then setup another T-Spin Triple tower but this time with the overhang facing to the other side. It's the best strategy for scoring in the earlier levels and there are some to get back to that pattern if it fails. Additionally, it's relatively easy to skim/"burn" some lines, if your stack becomes too high. However, it doesn't work as well as ZT Stacking under high gravity.

That's all you have to know for the purpose of scoring. For "speedrun to level 25" I recommend stacking some Tetrises in the beginning, then keeping the stack low under semi-high gravity. And finally switching to "pyramid stacking": your stack is the highest in the middle and you try to keep the middle relatively flat, so that you can move pieces to both sides. Try to avoid creatinh holes in the middle because those are hard to get rid off. I don't think I have to make an illustration for pyramid stacking, just watch a or whatever.

For reaching a high level, I may have to explain the lock delay system. A piece doesn't lock immediately when it touches the stack. You have an extended period (lock delay), where you can still move or rotate the piece. And if you successfully move or rotate a piece, this period will be reset, and you have again that time to move or rotate the piece. However, the lock delay will stop working, if you've used the delay 15 times for one piece. Initially, lock delay is around 500 miliseconds. In the first 20 levels, the game will increase the speed with which the pieces fall to the ground. At level 20, pieces will spawn at the ground but you still have those 500 miliseconds to move the piece. After level 20, the game will reduce the lock delay steadily. There's a big jump at level 25: lock delay will become around 200 miliseconds and pieces may lock before you can even move them. So how to survive level 25? Try to hypertap instead of relying on the built-in autorepeat function: Each time you tap a piece to the next column, you get that needed lock delay reset. You may even try smashing the rotate button or press hold to avoid the locking of a piece.

Posted by: MonikaKalam44 Sep 29 2019, 01:24 AM

Attached is my score for Tetris. My highest so far is 515,710

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Posted by: BiseSim Sep 29 2019, 07:36 PM

Oh nice. I got this a while ago. Might just post it here:

Posted by: PabloNex Oct 9 2019, 09:30 PM

I hadn't visted the forum or played tetris in a loooong time so I decided to check harddrop out and found this. Might improve it later.

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