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> ლ( ❥ `ლ) Is the Razer Huntsman Good for Tetris?, Is the new Optomechanical Purple Switch good for Tetris?
post Feb 23 2019, 04:13 AM
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After just 2 months of use, my K65 Corsair Rapidfire Cherry MX Speed had issues with key-chattering (keys registering twice when pressed once sometimes) recently, and I am going to RMA it, then sell it to recoup my funds.

In its replacement, I am thinking of getting the new Razer Huntsman (non-Elite or Elite, not decided yet). I am an avid gamer, for not just Tetris, but I am also a novelist, who types a lot, so I thought that it may be good for me.

The Razer Huntsman uses the new purple Optomechanical key switches.

From what I have heard, it has the clickiness and tactility of MX blues, but also the low-actuation distance, activation force/lightness of Cherry MX speeds. It also has better stabilisers for the individual switches, and for the larger switches like Shift and Space, which makes them less mushy, and very light to press down. I also heard that it has no hysteresis: that is, the actuation and reset points are the same, so you do not have to lift up your fingers to let the key reset, unlike MX blues, allowing you to double or triple tap like crazy.

In comparison, my K65 Rapidfire's MX Speeds are prone to errors during typing, or if I am anxious during Tetris matches, my fingers tremble, and misdrop due to their sensitivity. The heavier keys like Shift are also sometimes mushy and irresponsive when I press them down.

However, I am not sure of the following:

1) Are the new Razer Huntsman optomechanical switches really good for Tetris? I'm not 100% certain about the reset/hysteresis aspect caused by the tactility. Will it be as good, or even better than my MX speeds? I am neither slow nor fast; being somewhere in between, playing at 1.5-1.8 pps during matches, and 2.2 pps during sprint, at a maximum speed of 2.75 pps for openers and my typical 3-5 b2b PC spams at around 2 pps at the start of matches. But let's say if I become faster and play at 3 pps eventually, will this switch be okay?

2) The Razer Huntsman has a 10 key roll-over with anti-ghosting. My current K65 is infinite N key roll-over. Is 10 really enough for Tetris? I use 8 fingers when I play Tetris (1 finger for each function: left, right, hard drop, soft drop, rotate left, rotate right, 180 rotate, hold). My thumbs are not used, but I'm thinking of experimenting with autohotkey scripts in the future to use them for auto double-tap left or right fast.


So right now, I am in a confused mess, worsened by the "Curse of the Keyboard" which I somehow always get: for some odd reason, all 4 past keyboards I have had, had issues, and I had to RMA some of them.

(-公- ; )

Possibly, my hypothesis is that in my previous lives, I abused many keyboards by wearing them out from excessive typing, and this has resulted in bad karma in my current life.

ლ(ಠ益ಠ ლ )

It is a sad and cruel fate, but what goes around comes around. In my previous life, I was the destroyer of keyboards. In this life, I am the sufferer of keyboards.

I am reminded of the Shakespeare scene of King Lear committing suicide at the cliff as bad karma for his greed before he was dethroned. Or of Lord Boros 1-shot by Saitama during his invasion of earth. Or of Faust being forced to serve under Mephistocles in Goethe's play. Or of Orochimaru 1-shot by Itachi while trying to take over his Mangekyo Sharingan. Or of that wife who got burned in the Indian epic, the Rig Veda, for her heinous crimes.


May god have mercy on me ...

(づ ̄  ̄)づ
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