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Posted by: QTRose Apr 15 2019, 07:36 PM

The ITL would be a online Competitive Tetris League.

Throughout the year, the league would hold different competitions, such as a Summer/Winter Opens, the Grand Prix, and the Pro Season. So how do these tournaments work?

Well different tournaments, that would be double elimination with multiple categories (game modes), have different tiers. Letís explain the difference:

Tier 1 This would be the Winter/Summer Opens along with any informal tournaments. Any individual can sign up and participate in these tournaments, regardless of skill/experience. For every game a person wins, they receive points.

Tier 2 This would have the Grand Prix(the big annual tournament), and only be open to those who have a total of (x) points, and can make the qualifying score for their event category.

Tier 3 This is were the pro season would exist. These individuals would need a significant amount of points, and have competed in the Grand Prix. Each players would be drafted by a team manager. Each team would a player for each category. Teams therefore compete against each other, with the team winning the games winning the match.

The ITL would also haves system of verification, requiring players present a screenshot of the games final score/a recording. We could also possibly live stream games in the future!

For the games themselves, we will most likely use Jstris or something similar.

If you want in on this project, here is a discord server I made:

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