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Posted by: Swarley Jun 7 2019, 09:37 AM

Hello, Tetris people
I will keep this post as short and concise as I can.

To me, and probably many others, the 40-line world record is the epitome of Tetris records. I love improving my own 40-line times, and I love even more to see how fast the quickest players in the world can go.
The consistent improvements of sheer speed among the players has been my favorite part of Tetris for the 10 years I have been a spectator of its tight-knit, competitive community.

The record itself has come a long way since I started, and I'm glad I've been here to witness it. However, I can not say the same about the standards and regulations we as a community use to approve and confirm these world records, as they are still as lenient and practically non-existent as ever.

I would love to see a structured procedure when it comes to the verification of records, to ensure that a frame rate issue, an undetectable software bug, or even malicious tinkering is not what makes or breaks a world record.

What I consider the main challenge is that there are a variety of Tetris games, some more accurate than others when it comes to measuring frames and time. Many games have different rules and features. To name a few of these features: 180 rotation, instant DAS, hold, bag restrictions, soft drop speed, line clear delay, lock delay.
There are so many different ways to play a single game of 40-lines, yet there is not an approved ruleset for "official" records.

What do you guys think would be the best way to strengthen the legitimacy around 40-lines records, and make it fair for everyone?

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