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Posted by: JimothyJImothy Jun 8 2019, 04:38 PM

Below is a list of every loop I've seen. If anything is missing please let me know.

BT, DT, Pelican, WM, SBZ, Hachispin:

Reliable TSD: &

Reliable TSD (Simple Method):



Fast DT:

Pile/91 DT: &

Miracle Bridge:


Ichigo Gomu:

DT C Spin:

TKI (Castletop):

TKI (Fonzie):


Hachispin (Alternate):

5 Bag Playing Forever:

Alternate DT:

Perfect DT:



Mechanical TSD v3:

3% PC Loop:


Konnichisatsu Cannon (Video): &

Bread Cannon: &

Number One: &


Posted by: RedXBaka Jun 8 2019, 05:19 PM

I think this is one of the most informative posts of all time. If I could, I would print this entire thread out and put it like a magnet on the front door my fridge.

Shortly after posting the contents of this thread to the door, however, I would have to unplug my fridge and adversely spoil all the contents within.

Why you ask? Because I may lose the contents of this thread if my fridge is running.

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