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Posted by: Luminarie Jul 2 2019, 12:52 AM

I'm closing in on breaking TAP T.A. Death 500 torikan (I need to get a good game in, and I'm there Grin.png), and have gotten a max of 473 on TGM3 Shirase (averaging mid 300s, low 400s).

However, I've been playing without using Hold!

I started playing the TGM series directly on TAP, and I've built the muscle memory based on it. I am able to handle the slightly different rotation system for TGM3 (which took some time), and I do somewhat use the previews. But I haven't been able to include the Hold in that.

I'd appreciate any tips on doing so! ^_^

Posted by: XaeL Jul 3 2019, 12:50 AM

Ti has the same rotation system as TAP and TGM, except it has floorkick for I.
Ti is more lenient. Seeing as you learned on TAP, Ti should be easy to pick up.

People have played Ti holdless, so don't feel like there is pressure to use hold.

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