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Posted by: caffeine Aug 4 2016, 09:56 PM

Where is the match schedule?

When should you play your matches?

There is a schedule for matches. It is encouraged to schedule your matches ahead of time but if you wish you may also play on scheduled times. The scheduled times are the deadlines of your match. Failure to play on or before those times may result in your disqualification.

How to I find my scheduled partner? How do I contact him?
Add as friend on TF, you may then attach a message to the friend request.
Add their HD user as friend, sned a comment on their profile page, send a PM.

Search for TF users here:
Search for HD users here:

If there is no HD user in the player list try ""[TF username] Tetris"" in google. You may find forum posts showing you their TF name and HD name.

My scheduled partner did not show up, who gets disqualified?

We will review all communication to determine who has put more effort into making a match happen and then we will disqualify accordingly but only when the deadline has been reached.

How will you consider that I've tried my best to contact them?

When you have done all of the steps above to contact your scheduled partner and let us know on or close to the scheduled day.

What is the match format for stage 1?

First to 15, win by 2. OR Match ends immediately at 10 to 0.

Where would I mention I rescheduled the match?
Post the updated time

Where do I report my match scores? What format do I report in?
Report scores by using the following format:


Username1 vs Username2

Winner- Username2
Score- 17:15

When does stage 2 begin? What is stage 2?
Stage 2 begins when we are left with the top 16 of stage 1.
It is in a double elimination format where players havea seond chance through losers backets. It is a better format for determining the final champion of a tournament.

How do I setup the room to comply with the tournament rules?

Create room. Make sure these are checked: Two players, No Items, No Maps, Non Ranked, Expert Mode and Expert PLUS. If you and your opponent cannot make such a room, ask in the shoutbox, and someone will make one for you.

How do I do this URL hack thing people are talking about

You can change this URL from das=[your das] and ar=[your autorepeat]. More info can be found on and

Does our match need witnesses? Does it need to be recorded?
No. However, it's a good idea to take a screenshot at the end of your match. If you would like someone to stream your match, try asking in the shoutbox.

Where do I find more information about Tetris and posting on Harddrop?

(FAQ compiled by riisssaaa and me)

Posted by: OrangeBox Aug 6 2016, 01:30 PM


Posted by: iljain Aug 7 2016, 03:25 AM

If there is no HD user in the player list try ""[TF username] Tetris"" in google. You may find forum posts showing you their TF name and HD name.

does that mean if my opponent TF name is electric, i don't know his HD ID,

i type electric tetris on the search page of google? i can't find him by that. i see much less relative things there

i'm just doing this because some other players couldn't deal with this.

Posted by: iljain Aug 10 2016, 07:23 AM

hmmm my opponent buffa (on the schedule list name) isn't on the playerlist...neither tetrisfriends name or harddrop name is shown...hopefully i can find him... even though my default time match time is fine with me

Posted by: Tom Aug 12 2016, 12:17 PM

For tatianyi

I confirmed a schedule. Confused.png
However, it will not be not crowded all day tomorrow. How about on Sunday?

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