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Posted by: SirJeivus Dec 9 2016, 04:56 AM

Hi all,

I have been very inactive with regards to playing Tetris and maintaining the 3 Tetris community groups on Facebook. I didn't even join TTO4. This is going to be long, but hopefully an interesting read.

I'm currently doing my Ph.D in Chemical Engineering at the University of British Columbia under a famous and globally recognized professor. This year has been the most trying, as I will have 3 papers submitted by Christmas and one invention disclosure (soon to be patent application). I was so busy with school I slept in my office a lot doing 16-hour experiments with a novel hydrodynamic fuel cell catalyst characterization tool I invented with the help of 3 collaborators.

Seeing Tetris falling so far behind of other games really brings me great pain. Tetris Battle stamina is now limited to 30 and the new Tetris Drop is unappealing to me as a competitive player. The game itself lacks good company-community interaction that other gaming companies like GungHo and Blizzard provide so well. But, this isn't new, and I'm not going down that rabbit hole here.

I just bought my engagement ring for my girlfriend of 3 years literally 30 minutes ago, and I plan to pop the question right before our trip to Las Vegas on Saturday. With my new commitment to my future wife, I doubt I'll have anymore time for Tetris. I've been horrible in posting new content, so I thought I'd just formally announce it now so I don't leave viewers hanging anymore. I didn't lose interest in the game, I just lost interest in the competitive aspect and dissatisfied with poor concepts of recent games (Tetris Ultimate on Steam).

I wanted to take the time to thank a lot of people who helped me get to where I am in Tetris when I was at my peak and the friends I've made here. If I have forgotten you, I apologize.

Honourable mentions:
z00p: My high school friend of over 16 years. If he didn't introduce me to TetriNET, there would not be a SirJeivus
thetetristalent: My 4th year university classmate. I thought I could beat you with raw speed, but when you T-spinned me to heck it just made me want to be better than you.
kennyboy2: The first "good" AI tetris opponent I faced in Tetris Battle, and my training buddy even to this day.
cubixcreature: For referring me to team Element and a great down-to-earth practice buddy
killahbee and team Element: Giving me the opportunity to join and bolster my skill
virulent: Promoting my short-lived forum, being a great friend and C2 teammate
es2mac: My right-hand man when I was actively engaged with the Taiwanese Tetris community
L.Tung and Y.Zhou: When I visited Taiwan, you two were great tour guides! You sacrificed a lot of your time and energy to make sure I was well taken care of.
Trilateral Entertainment: The videos I produced with you guys resulted in a large boost in my youtube viewings. For high school students, you did a really good job.
Jason Chee Animations: The pilot episode on "how to T spin" was hilarious. Thanks for working with me.
Johnny147: We won ESL 2 vs 2 Team challenge together!
bonyan: My right-hand man in the PTS community. You have done so much for us, thanks for all your translation work and organization
Katatoniopeth: Thanks for taking the initiative to interview me. You asked great questions.
dhuang: Your passion for the game and strive for excellence in tournament organization was really inspiring.
jezevec10: I enjoyed being your personal debugger/game tester. Also, thanks for listening to my ideas and input and incorporating some of them.
Blink: For hosting this forum and promoting my Tetris activities here, and being a great teammate and an inspiration to all competitive Tetris players.

And anyone else I missed!

What am I up to now?

A lot of my presence was international (i.e., Philippines, Taiwan), but lately I have received a lot of attention locally for my research work and food critiques. In response, I am in the process of working on two other Youtube channels.

1. Dining Knightly is a food-blog like channel where I visit family-owned underdog-type restaurants and review their food by ordering benchmark dishes and comment on the flavour and presentation. I will also discuss the customer appeal and budget ranges. 2 episodes have been released so far, with intentions to continue the series with more professional editing. An increased budget for a new camcorder and microphone is confirmed.

2. Project: Angry Engineer is a reality Youtube web series focusing on the daily antics and scenarios from a post-graduate student's point of view. No episodes are released yet, but I believe there will be great entertainment value from this.

I'll defend my thesis around April 2018. Then, I'll obtain my Ph.D and P.Eng accreditation at the same time since I can claim up to 2 years of work experience during my thesis-based graduate program. I have 3 years industrial experience prior to starting my Ph.D, so that would be a total of 5 years (4 years is needed to get a P.Eng status in British Columbia).

The game I play most now is Puzzle and Dragons (PAD). I play that game daily and I think it would appeal to a lot of people here. It is updated weekly with regularly released new content and challenges your mind just like Tetris.

If you read this far, I thank you for your attention and wish everyone here the best of luck.

This is SirJeivus, signing off.

Posted by: Shuey Dec 9 2016, 12:53 PM

What!? No honorable mention for me!? I thought I was one of your best friends! (Sticking Out Tongue.png)

I totally understand where you're coming from smile.gif. I've been working a full-time career, taking care of a family and home, and have had more obligations than I've ever had time for - so it's impressive to me that I've been able to ever have time for Tetris since a couple of decades ago, lol.

I'll always love Tetris and find time to dedicate to it in one way or another, but I know exactly where you're coming from as well because I will never have the time I had years ago; that's just the way life works out.

I wish you all the best man - you'll always be one of my Tetris Legends smile.gif

Posted by: ZeroT Dec 9 2016, 02:41 PM

Thanks for all you have done SirJ and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Posted by: iljain Dec 9 2016, 05:22 PM

glhf on your life and games and jobs ...etc !

Posted by: Destiny Dec 9 2016, 07:36 PM


Wish you the best of luck ^^

Posted by: z2sam Dec 9 2016, 09:09 PM

Thanks for what all you've done for the community!
Your youtube channel has really been an inspiration to me ^_^
Best wishes on the Ph.D (and everything else too) Grin.png

Posted by: Blink Dec 10 2016, 03:32 AM

Been fun battling with you over the years. Good luck with real life, see you in TTO V.

Posted by: PabloNex Dec 10 2016, 08:01 PM

Good luck with everything, SirJ.

Posted by: HD_Vince Jun 5 2019, 09:51 AM

Hello. VinceHD here from the Philippines, and I just wan to say that youre my first favorite tetris player ever. I first saw you on youtube on hoe you play tetris like a pro. Your skills, speed and anything you showed to us is so INCREDIBLE! And we also miss you because you were now retired on playing your first favorite game. Thank you for being the great SirJeivus. We filipinos miss you, even Dino Tan smile.gif.

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