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Posted by: jueSir May 11 2019, 09:11 AM

First time poster here, been grinding 40-line sprint recently. I'd like to think I'm decent at flat stacking, but when I try to play quicker I tend to mess up a create a pillar. The last couple of day I've been thinking about a system to stack perfectly everytime. I came up with the following system, which I'm calling the simple stack method. Not sure if something like this has been proposed before. This method is never going to be the quickest due to greater # inputs required, but it is incredibly consistent which makes it easy to practice and improve.

I just got a 48.181 on jstris, which is a PR for my 40-line sprint and can definitely be improved further. Here is the

The simple stack method is incredibly consistent. There are just a couple of opening bags that cannot work, but once you get the beginning setup you're rocking.
Split the field into three sections, left, middle and right.
LEFT: Start with a T piece on the far left. Place reds on the far left and greens adjacent to the red. After 2 or 3 reds, place 2 alternating T pieces. Greens and red are placed where they fit. Hold any purple T pieces until you get two in a row. At that point, place one purple on the red and one purple on the green. Continue stacking

MIDDLE: You will form 3x4 sections using 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 orange. Best cases are 1. yellow first or 2. yellow last. If yellow comes in between, you will need to soft-drop and slip the blue and/or orange into place. To ensure you always have space to do this, you need to leave the adjacent columns open. This is accomplished by following the purple - 2 reds - purple guideline for the LEFT section and the 2 blues on the far right guideline for the RIGHT section.

RIGHT: Place the first 2 line pieces all the way to the right side of the board. Then begin placing to clear lines.

FINAL: Build to the top and at ~16 lines remaining, there will be a point that you can place a double purple to make up for the double purple you placed on the far left side. Then downstack in the 2-wide to finish. Try to end near 100 pieces total.

I wrote this up pretty quick, but happy to get any feedback and also answer any questions.

Posted by: eliser4 May 13 2019, 12:41 AM


tucking wastes time

Posted by: XaeL May 17 2019, 01:02 AM

agree but disagree with eliser.
It is indeed another Playing_forever thing.

However, its not slow by any means, there are lots of players that have subbed 30 seconds using this technique.

If you play a client with Deep drop, this technique is even more trivial, since ever L/O/J always goes in exactly the same space, and you only have to think about STZ.

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