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Posted by: Piemanray314 Jun 28 2019, 04:42 PM

I recently achieved sub-30 for 40L (29.473) with a really high KPT or KPP of 3.56 (20 finesse), and I can't really go below 3.5 KPT/KPP with a fast time. I am good with finesse, but a 0 finesse run will increase the time by ~3+ seconds. I am trying to learn DAS Preservation, but it is difficult because there is no definite way to learn it.

Later trying 20L, I achieved 12.658 with a KPT/KPP of 3.29 (4 finesse), and realized that I could almost always get much higher PPS this way. I didn't use DAS preservation or pipelining as I don't know how to do it yet.

I was wondering if you guys knew any effective ways to increase PPS consistency, learn DAS preservation, or any general tips.

Thanks in advance Grin.png

Technical Info:
DAS: 55 (20L) 50 (40L)
ARR: 0
PPS: 40L 2.8 ~ 3.2 usually, 20L 3.2 ~ 3.6 usually

Posted by: XaeL Jun 30 2019, 01:04 AM

3.5 is a very easy hurdle to beat.
2.8 is the real hurdle for fast times.

I'm sitting at 3.1 and i have not great finesse.
here's some real tips to get lower TPM

* Stack flat / neutral. If you are stacking flatter you need less rotations. This is more important than pipelining / DAS preservation, since it will save you probably on the order of 0.3-0.5.

* Use proper 2-step finesse. This should reduce your errors to less than 5, or ideally 0.

* If you learn 6/3 stacking that will also reduce your KPP

By now your KPP should be sub 3.0, maybe 2.7 to 2.9 range.

To get to 2.5-2.6 ish
* Start with DAS preservation - this will require intentional practice (i don't use this). Most sub 22 use DAS preservation. Simple DAS preservation could be putting two pieces along the right wall. More complex could be keeping right held, then piece against wall, piece 1 away from wall with right+left, then another piece against the right wall. The best place to practice is the READY-GO / Start of game phase, since you have more time to plan. A good sequence will boost your PPS from around 4 to 7 for the first 7 ish pieces, which is a time saving of maybe half a second?

*Next learn pipelining. Maybe just the simple case. You should be sub 22 by now or limited by our feeble mind power.

If you learn everything you should be in the 2.4 to 2.6 range. Note that no players are in this range with a fast time because nobody has really mastered it.

2.7 to 2.8 is probably an good enough goal, since that's what world record holders have.

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