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Hi! It's me JJB! I'm a big fan of Tetris since 2012. I'm a male Tetris gamer where I can practice to play single player modes in every Tetris game.


[edit] Biography

I'm 16 years old from PH. I played every Tetris or fanmade Tetris games such as Tetris Online Poland, Tetris Battle, etc. Please tell me if you spot a vandal who messed up some of the pages or erased the pages' content.

[edit] Contributions

Crossfire: Crossfire Wiki - Content Mod and Patroller

Asia's Got Talent: Asia's Got Talent Wiki - Founder

[edit] Links


Facebook: (Updating...)

[edit] Trivia

  • I played Tetris games when I was a kid.
  • I practice to play Ultra Mode with ST Stacking.