Tetris Hangame

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Tetris Hangame

Developer(s) Tetris Hangame
Publisher(s) Hangame Co.
Release Date(s) 2008
Platform(s) Windows 2000/XP

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 6
Playfield dimensions 10w x 22h
Hold piece 5 times per multiplayer game for free. Unlimited for single player modes.
Hard drop Lock
Rotation system SRS
Hangame3.jpg Hangame2.png

Tetris Hangame is an official online Tetris game for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista for residents of Korea. It requires a Korean social security number and Korean telephone number to confirm registration.

  • No ARE, IRS, IHS is present.
  • No garbage countering and line clear delay.
  • T-Spin recognition is nearly 3-corner T, but T-Spin with Wall kick displays as "T-Spin Mini". In single player mode, there is no difference to Tetris DS. But in VS modes, "T-Spin Mini" sends fewer garbages than T-Spin (no kick).
  • DAS is 1/2G and not customizable.
  • Key configuration cannot be customized but has 3 different presets.
  • Time Attack,Marathon, Multi mode is present.
    • Time Attack: Well known 40-lines time attack mode.
    • Marathon: Standard Tetris mode. Game ends in level 15. Required points to increase a level is much shorter than other guideline compatible games.

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