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What will the successor to Tetris Guideline be? Official Scratch Tetris, Tetris, Tetris Best, Tetris Best 2, Tetris Best 3 (in the future), TETRIS MAX, TETRIS MAX 2 and Tetris Perfect serve as ideas to Tetris Guideline 2. The Tetris Company should read this page.

Game w.ideaOf. Sc. TetrisTetrisTetris BestTBIITBIIITETRIS MAXTETRIS MAX 2Tetris Perfect
RotationTGMTRS/TGMTBRSTB2RTB3R?New b.rotNew b.rotTPRS
Feature 1NarrowingInnocenceSuper kicksF.kick onlyUnknownGapsMore gaps3 r/c S-kicks
Feature 2Normal kicksLevel 999 No IUnknownLevel resetLevel resetPause button
Feature 3 Hidden adjUnknown Flipping16 rot. buttons
Hidden test Twist?UnknownGradientsGradients
SongsTobu - RootsNoneNES, Tet-ex4 rev.songsUnknown2 funky songs2 funky songs3 new songs
180 rotationnoyesyesyesUnknownnonoyes (4 buttons)
Diagonal slidenonoyesyesyes (?)nonoyes
O-spinnonoyesD.slide onlyUnknownnonoyes
Hidden varnonononoUnknownnonoOver a number

If you have more ideas from games (first row), or more aspects (first column), extend the table.

Tetris Perfect is the successor of Tetris Best.

Tetris Best 3 is the unreleased remix of Tetris Best 2, which could be by any person and could be anything.

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