Tetris Dekaris

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Tetris Dekaris (Tetris Giant)

Developer(s) Sega
Release Date(s) 2009
Platform(s) Arcade (Sega RingWide)

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 2 (shared)
Playfield dimensions 7 by 6 (Single Mode and Versus Mode), 7 by 12 (Co-op Mode)
Hold piece No
Hard drop Soft drop only
Rotation system SRS
Dekaris1.jpg Dekaris3.jpg

Tetris Dekaris (also known as Tetris Giant) is an arcade Tetris game played on a large 70" DLP Projection Monitor. It is controlled using giant joysticks with a built-in shaker "rumble" motor, a device that Sega refers to as "Deka Lever" ("deka" is Japanese for large).

Line Challenge in the Co-op Mode.

This game is a one or two-player game with competitive and cooperative modes available. Single Mode includes Line Challenge and Score Challenge modes, and Co-op Mode includes the same modes. During competitive multiplayer, clearing multiple block rows makes the other player's speed increase. During two player cooperative play, players can swap pieces with each other by tapping a button on the main arcade cabinet, up to three times. As in a normal game of Tetris, you move your pieces left and right by moving the stick left and right, and push down on the stick to make the pieces fall into place. Buttons on the top of the joystick can be pressed to rotate your pieces around.

Unique to this game, the Tetris Dekaris/Giant base unit is actually a projector which can optionally be detached from the default screen and projected onto a large wall. Arcade operators are able to disconnect the game from its default monitor and project the gameplay onto a large wall.

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