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This Scratch game is downloadable.

After you download the game, the .sb2 file can be open online (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=home) or offline (https://scratch.mit.edu/download).

Because it's not on site, it does not have a view count.

Not to be confused with Brick Game.

Tetris Brick is a simple game with 6x9 playfield, made by Piotr Grochowski. At least it was supposed to be, before the idea for increasing interest rate grew.

You must download the game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57ai4p72qc74ppn/tetrisbrick.sb2?dl=0

[edit] Scoring

Interest rate and score. They start at 0.

Score is constantly increased by score*interest rate (unlike most games, which use a linear progression (the level number)). At 0.01 interest rate, 100 instantly becomes 101, then 102.01, and so on. Therefore it increases exponentially.

This exponential score increase means that there is very high point inflation. As floating point can only represent numbers below 2^1024 (or 10^309), everything higher is Infinity.

Each piece placed increases the interest rate by 0.0000001, unlike most games, where every 10 lines level increases by 1.

Points per line are determined by 3*sinh(2n), where n is number of lines cleared.

Single: 10.88
Double: 81.87
Triple: 605.14
Tetris: 4471.44

Don't be fooled by high score from getting a Tetris. A Tetris is very hard to do in this game due to small playfield and unusability of place above top of playfield (spawn position overlaps ceiling, can't move, rotation kicks down).

The highest score is 387500855692950 points (this equals approximately 387500856 million, or 387.5 trillion) by the creator as seen in this image: http://i.imgur.com/eznUwNk.png

This crushes the world record for Tetris Blitz: 15966690 (approximately 16 million). (video)

[edit] Code

Instead of using existing code of one of the Scratch Tetrises, this game is made from scratch. Therefore it has no bugs.

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