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Basic rotations of Tetris Best rotation system

(also TBRS)

Used in Tetris Best.
It uses SRS or ARS basic rotation (depending on option) except that O is rotating in a 3x3 box instead of not rotating. Kick table, with numbers representing order in which kicks are tried and green representing no kick:
Note that it favors down kicks. Left rotation favors right kicks, while right rotation favors left kicks. This is for compatibility with this situation:


It was twisted right and kicked left.

There are also buttons for rotating 180 degrees for both kick tables (unlike NullpoMino, which has its own 180 kick table).

A different rotation system is used in Tetris Best 2.

In the old Tetris Best, I rotated differently, pieces used The New Tetris colors and there was a glitch: if all wallkicks failed, piece moved 1 space up. This can be used to get stuck inside a block, and make number of minoes in the playfield odd, as the shifting-up mechanism didn't exist at that time.

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