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This game contains ideas for the Tetris Guideline 2.

If TTC uses this in the future, this may be the reference implementation.

This Scratch game has had 50 views.


Tetris Best 2

Developer(s) Anonymous
Publisher(s) Anonymous
Release Date(s) June 2017 (before features like grading)
Platform(s) PC

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 0 to 7 (but selector is hidden)
Playfield dimensions 10x20
Hold piece Togglable (when on, destroys tetriminoes, but the toggle is hidden)
Hard drop yes
Rotation system SRS / TGM (but toggle is hidden)
View Count (if applicable) 52
Quarter-pixel.png Script.png

Tetris Best 2 (TBII) took the idea of defying the Tetris Guideline even further with lack of a ghost piece, a different rotation system and destructive hold instead of normal hold. It also has non-locking hard drop. It is the sequel and remix of Tetris Best, but it's not the successor/remake that Tetris Perfect is. It is supposed to have 3 positions in its kick table (though they are not actually done, and there are floorkicks only), but it actually has 20 positions (unlike most rotation systems with wallkicks, this instead kicks straight up (until it hits the top), and if even that fails, it locks in and scores a spin for that tetrimino). There is also a togglable SRS¹ (when off, a defective TGM), a togglable hold piece (when on, destroys tetriminoes), 4 songs (in reverse), and no I tetrimino. This was remixed by a different, anonymous guy. It also has the tgm color scheme, like in Official Scratch Tetris.

URL: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/166358350


[edit] J glitch

The j-tetrimino used to have a glitch where it rotates on a different axis; this has now been fixed as of august 1 2017. You can use this to climb walls and get a j-spin to increase your grade. Example:



This is because the i-tetrimino's offsets are now the j's.

[edit] Music

The four songs in Tetris Best 2 are all reversed.

[edit] No i-tetrimino?

There is no i-tetrimino in Tetris Best 2. Therefore you cannot get a tetris, unless one of garbage rows is full (rare) AND there is setup for triple (very rare). The bag randomizer is really a 6-bag, but it is labeled as 7-bag (no longer the case as of july 7 2017).

[edit] Grading

The grading system is exactly like that of Tetris The Grand Master 3. Triples and spins are scored as an increase in grade.

[edit] Garbage

A new feature of Tetris Best 2 is garbage. 5 (default --this can be changed by showing the hidden variable "height" and adjusting it (but setting it above 17 is not recommended)) lines of garbage appear initially. If one happens to be full (rare), it does not clear until you drop a tetrimino, which explains the unused "four" to "ten" and "11 to 20 lines" images.

Due to this, it is possible to clear a four (4 lines at once) or even five (5 lines) with the l- or j-tetrimino (very hard), or the o-, s-, t-, or z-tetriminoes (extremely hard).

[edit] Trivia

  • It also has an old version, just like Tetris Best and TETRIS MAX. Unlike these games, it was gradually updated into its current version. See Tetris Best 2/old for more.
  • This seems to have a gray block in the upper-left corner.
  • This is one of the games that serves as an idea for the Tetris Guideline 2.
  • This may have a successor and remix: Tetris Best 3.
    • The credits reflect this by saying that if you can improve this, remix this into Tetris Best 3.

[edit] Hidden features

  • Music/SFX volume³²
  • Adjustable garbage height
  • Selectable next pieces
  • Togglable hold piece
  • Selectable music type³²
  • Selectable rotation system³²

[edit] Game over

This interesting screen shows the player's statistics. There's a copyright notice at the bottom (with MMXVII instead of 2017).

[edit] "Tetris Worst" Mods

Main article: Tetris Best 2 Mods

The game is unconfirmed to have a mod (called Tetris Worst).

  • Changing the tetriminoes.
  • Changing the stage.
  • Denying line clears.
  • Deleting line clears.
  • Eventually, the game is blacked out and then cleared.

However, the real Tetris Worst is different.

[edit] Also Note

¹ This is one of the the Tetris Best 2 rotation systems (there are 2).

² In Japanese, four means death.

³² These were not hidden in Tetris Best

[edit] See also

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