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This is a list of games created in Scratch. The current version is 456.

Official Scratch Tetris, Tetris, Tetris Best, TETRIS MAX and TETRIS MAX 2 were created by Piotr Grochowski, who is also a user on this wiki.

It is mandatory to link to Scratch every time that word is mentioned, including in the URL: http:// -> [[scratch]] <-

If you do not enter the link, Piotr Grochowski will add it.

The brackets are not displayed (link to Scratch is shown instead, so the link can be selected and dragged to new tab.

Demo: (Tetris Best 2)

You see, there is link to Scratch. This is to go to Scratch's article on this wiki.

¹ This one was gradually updated into its current version (though in Tetris Best, the updates are not shown to public)
² A placeholder for Tetris Best 2 remix that will be called Tetris Best 3.

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