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Publisher(s) GamePoint
Release Date(s) December 18, 2008
Platform(s) Java (cross-platform)

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1 to 3
Playfield dimensions default 10w x 24h with 20h ceiling
Hold piece Yes, depending on game type
Hard drop Yes, depending on game type
Rotation system Selectable: SRS, TGM rotation, others
Bbtitle.png Bbinngame.png

Blockbox was an online game on the casual gaming site GamePoint. The game had many different options, including the typical classic, 40 lines, and Marathon/Expert modes that simulated games in the Tetris The GrandMaster Series. The game also featured multiplayer modes, chat, replays, and high scores.

Game modes

  • Classic - regular gameplay.
  • 40 Lines - 40 lines in the fastest time.

Marathon modes

You must get to Level 15 in Classic mode to unlock Marathon 3. The rest are unlocked after playing Marathon 3 and getting to Level 200 or better.

  • Marathon 1 - simulation of Tetris The Grand Master. One preview, no hard drop/holds.
  • Marathon 2 - simulates Master mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS. One preview with hard drops, but no holds.
  • Marathon 2.5 - simulates TGM+ mode from Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS. One preview, hard drop, but with garbage.
  • Marathon 3 - simulates Master mode from Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct. Three previews, hard drops, holds, section cools/regrets, etc.
  • Marathon 3.5 - Similar to Marathon 3 (but with a gravity progresion closer to TGM2), but a 10 second timer is activated whenever a x99 level is reached, which stops when the next section is reached, and restarts with the next x99 level. An M rank is achieved if there is 5 seconds or more left at the end of 1500 levels. GM is awarded if 10 seconds are left (which would be achieved by not stopping at any x99's).

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