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This article lists the fonts that have 8 width and 13 height.


[edit] A closed caption decoder's font


An example of an 8x13 bitmap font is featured on the Sharp 32R S60's closed caption decoder (and others, sometimes with slight variations). It has 112 characters.

This article describes the closed caption decoder's font.

There are no rules against its usage, unlike Custom Font, which is highly regulated by Piotr Grochowski.

[edit] Closed Caption Decoder

This font occurs on a black background, but the non-breaking space does not have a background.

It also supports italic characters. They are italicized by 1/2 pixel, initially after the first dot from the bottom, then after the next two dots. Underlines are in row 12, and they are 8 dots wide.

The characters are:

®°½¿™¢£♪àè âêîôû

(Yes, it does replace certain characters with others.)

[edit] On-screen display

A slightly different version of this is used on the on-screen display of the TV. This is an example of a modification of this font, which includes an asterisk (for the V-chip password), blocks (for volume control), a circle (for the on-screen menu), checkboxes (for V-chip), triangles pointing up and down (only on the initial setup screen) and a left arrow (for the "on air" message for stereo/SAP). There is a ½-, 1-, or 2-pixel border (depending on font size) around the text, which is not on the CC decoder version.

Some TVs use arrows instead for the menu (triangles pointing up and down) and for Stereo/SAP/Mono (triangle pointing right). A few of the TVs that have the circle for the menu also have icons for the main menu items.

The Sharp 32R S60 has 2 sizes for the OSD: 8x13 (used for V-Chip, Demo and Timer) and 16x26 (used for all other OSD screens). However, some TVs have 3 instead. 32x52 is used for the channel number on these TVs.

[edit] Its Use

This font has been widely used in many templates. Examples are the former X, Y, 0, 7, 13, and 18 templates.

This font is featured in a possible Tetris Best 2 mod.

[edit] Templates

  • {{mrow48}} is used for six characters from this font, as well as pixel art (of course).
  • {{mrow40}} is used for 5, {{mrow32}} for 4 (this one was meant for pixel art), {{mrow24}} for 3, {{mrow16}} for 2, and {{mrow8}} for 1 character.
    • All these are also for pixel art (32 is designed for {{FF}}).

[edit] Trivia

  • This is not a true bitmap font, as it is antialiased on the Sharp 32R S60, so it is more of a bitmap in vector.
  • Unlike Custom Font, this font has no regulations against it, so it can be freely modified (changing size, making it proportional, etc) using a font editor, or transformed in any other way such as thickening the pixels (common with Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow font). This was used on the on-screen display on the 32R S60, which thickened the pixels.
    • The specific modifications on the OSD include a ½-pixel border around the text, and changing the character set. Slight variations of the character set are found on different TVs.
  • The font closely resembles the 7x13 bitmap font of the original TeleCaption decoder (image)
    • The ° was a / on the original, and the ™ and ® were ¾ and ¼ respectively. One of the commas (the one directly below the colon in the chart) is now a semicolon, and the { and } are now ç and Ñ respectively. Also, some French letters (àèâêîôû) were added after the ♪.
    • Some characters (+-écfklmotwxz) are identical to the ones on the original font.
    • The W, which was originally an upside-down M, now looks different, like a 6x9 version of the lowercase w.
    • Also, most uppercase letters are now 6x9. The J is aligned to the left, and the T and Y are aligned to the right.
    • The characteristic hole in the ♪ and the lack of a slash in the ½ are part of both fonts.
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