Grand Finals - Tetris Tournament Online

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The grand finals of Hard Drop's Tetris Tournament Online, which was streamed live on and on nicovideo for Japanese viewers. There was over 1000 live spectators overall.

Upper Bracket Finalist: hebo_MAI (JAPAN)
Lower Bracket Finalist: Blink (USA)

The entire playoffs/regular bracket:

Commentating done by Tetris Friends.

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jamessusan104 wrote on 10/06/2018 05:38:09

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cailynmaison wrote on 09/28/2018 03:27:15

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StephenStone wrote on 09/14/2018 05:46:26

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devielle wrote on 04/20/2018 01:58:28

Awesome game!

combat reloaded


gmashaktetris wrote on 07/10/2012 01:41:56

Geat job!

DarthDuck wrote on 09/16/2011 01:21:02

I wish there were more videos like this. I'm going to try and watch a little bit of it every day since I seem to learn something new each time I glance at it. 

But I agree that the commentary is painful to listen to. If they do this again I really hope they find someone more professional and who isn't so repetitive: "oh... Hebo_Mai is sending garbage again to HD_Blink". 

berry wrote on 01/08/2011 13:55:05

absolutely incredible!

tamh wrote on 01/08/2011 06:35:32

The game is pretty awesome, it's full of thrills, no one knew who was going to win till the final points, and honestly, I would have loved to see a longer game, those two are awesome players.

Minus points: The commentary. It was unrelated to the game in several points, they were talking about random nonsense, anyway, nice show, and good games Blink, Hebo_MAI!

vipjun wrote on 01/08/2011 06:24:04

Awesome game, both Hebo_MAI and HD_Blink played extremely well.

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