Blocks from Hell: 48 Consecutive Tetrise

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I was watching the video "Confessions of a Tetris Addict" (, and the interviewee mentioned doing 47 Tetrises on an old DOS game called "Blocks from Hell." I thought I'd give the game a shot and found myself surprisingly charmed by this little relic from the past.

My original goal was 50 consecutive Tetrises (the maximum possible). This is difficult for several reasons:
1) The game uses (to my knowledge) a "memoryless randomizer." This means the player can receive huge droughts of I-pieces and huge floods of [insert least desired piece here]. This makes the game much more volatile (and interesting!) to play. In fact, it's not that unlikely to play games that are strictly impossible to do 50 Tetrises in a row. If the player receives a long enough I-piece drought, it won't matter how well he plays.
2) As with many early clones of the day, it lacks features like wall kicks, being able to rotate both ways, and lock delay. The top out conditions are a bit unfriendly as well.
3) After the 48th Tetris, the game amps up gravity. In order to squeeze out the last two Tetrises, the player must keep the playfield low, which means he must receive I-pieces sooner opposed to later.

All said and done, I've made over 2600 attempts since some time last year. Roughly half of the attempts ended after 3 consecutive Tetrises or less. I got to 48 on two attempts (about a month apart). This is a video of the first time.

Upon the second time I made it to 48, I've decided to move onto other goals (at least for now). For those interested, going for consecutive Tetrises, although at times gut-wrenching, is a great way to learn fundamentals. I managed to learn a few new things about preparing for S and Z pieces.

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caffeine wrote on 03/30/2017 15:27:31

@Okey The game's author has stated that level 19 was the lowest unit of time that DOS allowed. For level 20, he had the speed "uncapped." That meant that gravity would depend on the speed of the user's system. In 1992, this was apparently playable. Nowadays, the screen fills up with pieces instantly in one frame. 

Okey_Dokey wrote on 03/30/2017 13:31:44

So what happens after 200 lines? Does the game end or does the game become unplayable? That one J piece placement screwed everything up. It's a shame. Maybe the next 2 I pieces would have shown up exactly when you needed them.


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