Sparta! (300 B2B Perfect Clears!)

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Words cannot describe how excited I am about this accomplishment!

Ever since I first discovered perfect clearing in Tetris, I've been fascinated with it and the possibilities. In 2011, I launched a project that was geared towards studying perfect clears. At the time, the goal was simply to have fun, learn and see what might be possible. At the end of that project, I realized that perfect clearing might be infinitely possible in standard "guideline games" (games that use the "bag randomizer" that is common to most retail Tetris games, along with the SRS rotation system).

Two years ago, me and QuestionMark decided that were were going to see if it was possible to do 300 B2B perfect clears, and we decided we would call the project "Sparta!", lol. Hours after making that decision together, I started building out the project (creating the Google Workbook that I would track all the information in, randomly generating the piece sequence that we would use, etc). We were really excited and made some great headway in the first couple weeks, but then life got in the way and we both took a hiatus from the project (it ended up being nearly two years!).

But then, about a couple weeks ago, I got the fire back to work on the project again; and not to just work on it, but to dive in head first and spend as much time as I could to complete it as soon as possible.

There's so much more to say and share on this topic, but for now I'll leave you with the video and some closing notes:

1. A link to the original, first perfect clear study I did!

2. A link to this latest perfect clear study (the study that relates to the video you're watching right now!)

3. The direct link to the Google Workbook with all of the pertinent information:

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