QM's Freestyle Stealth Trials

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Hello again, HD! I've spent the past quarter of a year working on a memory-palace system specifically engineered for accurate invisible Tetris, and I think I've perfected it. Here's some of my best invis performance to date.

I'm using my custom ruleset STANDARD-HARDERER, which is precisely World Rule without Move-Reset. Incidentally, TGM Randomiser, so no PF-v3.1; this is all pure freeform play. Handy PIP included so you can join in on the fun. :)

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Extruderx wrote on 09/16/2015 07:07:55


apm10 wrote on 09/15/2015 15:14:31

Hi, man the stuff you do is mindblowing. I do recognize the difficulty of these, I can never do that invisible downstack. Yeah , I would love you to try to beat Shi Tai ye 1st place too.

Okey_Dokey wrote on 09/15/2015 15:01:28

Or place first in Tetris Friends Survivor.

jkwon23 wrote on 09/15/2015 12:26:23

I have a challenge for you, place first place in Shi Tai ye. Invisible tetris in Cultris II with 1 preview, no hold, and no 7-bag. Current record is at 189 lines: 

Question_Mark wrote on 09/15/2015 08:44:45

I memorised all the holes on the fly and downstacked them. The point is of course that I'm not just visualising the top of my stack, but can now track the entire thing.

Blitz wrote on 09/15/2015 07:07:54

In the last clip, did you downstack a pattern of holes which you had already memorized or are you able to memorize and recall the location of over random 20 holes on the fly?

Question_Mark wrote on 09/14/2015 23:00:35

You'll find out tomorrow when the next video goes up. ;)

Okey_Dokey wrote on 09/14/2015 22:46:18

So what's the highest level you've reached so far starting from 0?

thousandfire wrote on 09/14/2015 22:14:46

wait when is this movie coming out? i might see it

morningpee wrote on 09/14/2015 21:28:21

Just nasty


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