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This is a bot (Artificial Intelligence or short AI) that I've written in AutoHotKey. I am pleased with its downstacking speed. It's on a par with those bots integrated in Cultris II.

For each iteration, the bot analyses first the color of some pixels in order to know which piece is coming next (and from time to time how the field looks). Then it computes the fields resulting from hard-dropping the current and the next piece on all possible locations and assigns a score to each field. Eventually, it makes the move that leads to the field with the best score. The assigned scores depend on the bumpiness of the surface, the distribution of white and black cells (like in chess) on the surface, and the accessibility of the 2 highest holes (how deep the holes are covered and how flat the surface is above).

If you like watching bots, here are 2 further videos I made:
downstacking 100 lines in NullpoMino:
clearing 2800 lines in N-Blox without creating a hole once:

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farter wrote on 06/05/2014 21:51:49

@jkwon Misamino can play with 0/1/2/3+ preview with memoryless randomizer. just matter of AI parameter training. the WR of no preview Colin Fahey standard was broken just 3 months ago. see (Chinese with some English keywords)

gerdhal wrote on 05/31/2014 15:45:11

lovely stuff!!! :)

meow wrote on 05/24/2014 23:11:59


jkwon23 wrote on 05/21/2014 23:40:24

This is cultris. Misamino can't handle 1 preview with no bag as far as I know. 

Integration wrote on 05/20/2014 09:48:44

nah, the AI of the future (and presence) is MisaMino. The way it recognizes spins and handles more than 1 preview is unmatched. It plays better than any human. My AI is just as good as me (in downstacking; in everything else it is worse).

yotipo91 wrote on 05/20/2014 01:09:17


Alexandra wrote on 05/17/2014 23:38:38

learned a few moves in just a couple seconds! definitely going to try utilizing the same patterns.

Shuey wrote on 05/17/2014 19:56:42

Awesome!  Nice job man :)

Integration wrote on 05/13/2014 22:33:15

@Paradox Of course, I can't share the script since it would make cheating to easy. The evaluation function looked like this: (the integer constants I used are not optimized; they are just values I thought to be good). Garbage hole detection and next piece detection only work in a certain resolution (I used 640x360). Every 6 dropped pieces I recalculated the matrix/field, but only if no line was cleared. It's just checking for the darkness of the pixel that lies in the middle of each grid cell. The problem with Cultris garbage is that it can rise by a fractal of a row. So I had to check the offset of the field first.

jkwon23 wrote on 05/13/2014 21:23:02

i think the cultris man sounds creepy.

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