Tetris Tounament Online V - Playoffs (16 players remaining)

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Tetris Tournament Online V

The battle to become the best Tetris player returns!
LIVE BRACKETS: http://challonge.com/TTO5

Rules:     日本語翻訳 (Japanese Translation)  中文翻译(Chinese Translation)

Two matches per week, played on Friday at 7:00 PM PST and Saturday at 7:00 PM PST if you advance.

You will know your Friday match opponent ahead of time, so reschedule and play early if needed. 
Saturday matches can be rescheduled to as late as Monday if both players agree.

Top 8 are seeded from previous TTO, the rest of the bracket is seeded by LPM statistic.

First to 15 win by 2, or game ends if 10-0 score.
Single Elimination until Double-elimination playoffs (16 players remaining)
Expert PLUS mode, Non-ranked room, Solid Garbage ON, Items OFF, Maps OFF

Status: Registration open from January 8th - 15th!        Match brackets released January 16th!       Tournament starts January 19th!
(Prizes provided by Blue Planet Software)
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Random Prizes for Participants and Viewers:
T-shirts provided by PowerCore who offers an awesome range of Tetris merch including pins, apparel, games and more at shop.tetris.com.

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