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Posted by: Tonino92 Aug 27 2009, 05:16 PM

Hi. im new on this forum. (sorry for my english), i have 17 years old and i live in switzerland. i play every time at Tetris Friends Online. for now im on RANK 13-14 on all online game on tetris friends site. my name of tetrisfriends its Tonino92. stupid question, but i want to know. Every time i play i have some questions, because, i see something strange.

- Two or three times, i play on 6P games, and i see ALL the 5 player with the SAME name and the SAME descriptions

- If i go on PAUSE in one online, i return after 5 minute, and i see, the other player not beginning!! i dont think the player wait me!! and why this? why the player dont play the game if i go in pause?

- If i finish a game on Sprint 5P (40 lines faster), i see all the times of finish of the other player, but without wait hes finish the game

- i find EVERY TIME one people for play with me, and the game flow PERFECT with my sh** connection.

loool, the question are stupid, but i want to play with real player, this is real player? i know its a stupid question biggrin.gif. i never play tetris on other sites for now, i play every time only on tetris friends. byee, and ...

Posted by: Blink Aug 27 2009, 05:24 PM

You're playing against replays of other players, it isn't true multiplayer. If you want to play the realtime multiplayer sign up for the beta here: and then play the Tetris Live mode.

Posted by: Tonino92 Aug 27 2009, 05:36 PM

this is amazing!!! thanks a lot man biggrin.gif i play right now in this beta smile.gif

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