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> Tetris Obsession Revived
post Nov 12 2017, 06:11 AM
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I've been playing Tetris since a kid. But I recently got back into it, just on Facebook this time. I reached Rank 41 and 109 wins in a matter of half a week so I guess that's good for not having played it in years. Tetris was a childhood obsession that has been revived.

I want to do tournaments with people. I love the challenge. I'm just not sure how good or bad I am as on Facebook, you get a lot of people who don't really use any particular strategy or use a strategy that is not as effective as mine. And I've been in the reverse situation. Plus, many other people buy power ups, which I refuse to use, haha.

Anyway, I'm open to challenges anytime! Just let me know.


P.S. I played Tetris Worlds as a kid on the PS2, but that seems to be a long forgotten game. Anyone else played it?

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post Nov 12 2017, 07:25 AM
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Hey there. I've also played Tetris Worlds. A nice experience because it is different from other Tetris games (Square, Cascade, Sticky, Hotline and Fusion modes). BTW It was the first game using the rotation system (SRS) and randomizer (7-bag) and that kind of lock delay (move-reset).

Tetris Battle on Facebook is the best game for asynchronous multiplayer (playing against replays; one nice way to ensure you don't have to wait and don't play too strong opponents, replays can't react to your moves or chat though). It's also kinda the only game with 2 minute rounds (game doesn't end after top out) and where you can play with bombs. I also play it from time to time (good to practice setups as you can decide your own pace in asynchronous multiplayer). However, 4 wide combos and T-Spin Triples are a little too overpowered for my taste and it's the most laggy client (laggy = game mistreating your inputs or giving delayed visual feedback).

You can play real multiplayer in Tetris Battle (by challenging strangers or friends or by using Arena) but people here prefer other clients (Tetris Friends, Tetris Online Poland, Jstris, Cultris 2, Puyo Puyo Tetris). Tetris Friends is probably the best option for you (it's also free to play and official Tetris game, lag can be reduced with Minimal Tetris Friends), or Puyo Puyo Tetris if you own Switch or PS4.

Regarding tournaments: You will realize that there's a huge skill gap for live matches. For example, I hosted a tournament today (Jstris Quickfire) and I played against somebody who could kill me in 15 or 20 seconds average although I have years of Tetris experience. So probably, tournaments are not the thing you are looking into right now. Unless you join one of the tournaments with lots of participants (Tetris Tournament Online, I think Blink is also planning to create a Tetris-only tournament on Puyo Puyo Tetris).
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post Nov 14 2017, 05:30 AM
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QUOTE(Madymino @ Nov 12 2017, 06:11 AM) *


Anyway, I'm open to challenges anytime! Just let me know.

Play tetrisfriends.com

When you reach Rank 15 we can fight.

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QUOTE(Paradox @ Dec 16 2010 @ 05:52 PM)
Like many setups here, it is useful if your opponent doesn't move and you get 4 Ts in a row.
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