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> SW x HD, Triple X Rated (Wattpad)
post Aug 5 2017, 09:13 PM
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Intro: https://youtu.be/YhQ5hAt4QgU?t=49 It’s art imitating wife.

OPM- Darth Vader
Firestorm- Obi-Wan
Blink- Yoda
PizzaPizza- R4P17
Doremy- IG-88
Squirtle- General Akbar
Gamster- R2-D2
NovaTitan- C-3PO
Caffeine- Ki Adi Mundi
Iiii Alexandra- Mace Windu
JAP SuperBrain- Gen Grievous
Hebo Mai- Darth Sidious
Pajitnov- Darth Plagueis
Cho- Darth Maul
Zwei- Youngling
Explo- Aayla Secura
z2sam- BT-1
Integration- 0-0-0
Mizunokappa- Shaak Ti
iljain- K’Kruhk
Hangamer- Count Dooku
Spinifex- Plo Koon
Potent- Boba Fett
chocladtomte- Jango Fett
mogaren- Kit Fisto
Chopin- Yarael Poof
ajanba- Oppo Rancisis
chortles- Yaddle
Romion- Even Piell
zerot- Rachi Sitra
Olee Starstone
Morningpee- magnaguard
Microblizz- rocket clone trooper
yakine- rocket droid
Cosmiccommunist- red-insignia captain droid
Explo- engineer droid


“Start by looking for the droids,” said Anakin.
“Yes, it’s always that simple,” replied Obi-Wan.
“Well, it can be,” Anakin said as he pointed towards a direction, then sped off on his hoverbike.
“Wait, don’t go off on your own,” Obi-Wan shouted after him, Anakin already ignoring the command. “The things I deal with. Yoda did say leniency was never the right method. But, no I had to follow Qui-Gonn’s path,” he said to himself speeding along after Anakin.
Anakin sped past blaster shots from the droids that had spotted him, but the most impressive was him swerving left just as a sniper shot fired, missing him near the last possible moment. He swerved dangerously to avoid the sniper droid’s shots as he made his way to the domed cavern. Anakin zig-zagged avoiding the oncoming blaster shots, took out his lightsaber before he swung it to the left hitting one droid and swung to the right hitting another as he stopped his hoverbike smoothly and launched forward hitting another droid as his body plummeted forward, stabbing the lightsaber through the chest of a battle droid.
Obi-Wan rolled his eyes as he saw it unfold. “He’s never going to learn this way,” he thought to himself. The theatrics and the skills did little to waver his apprentice, even though this mission was the utmost importance, a covert mission to infiltrate the droid factories, destroy production, and at best find Count Dooku. As his hoverbike caught up with his apprentice, Anakin was found leaning on the wall, other droids already force pushed and disabled. He dodged at the last moment, avoiding the sniper fire, then leaning back relaxed, still waiting, instead of entering the cavern to avoid sniper fire altogether.
“Are we ready?” asked Anakin.
“I’ve just caught up. Have you destroyed all the droids aside from the sniper droids.”
“Yes, but we have to go now.” Obi-Wan’s eyes widened and rushed inside as Anakin did the same, narrowly missing sniper fire aimed for Obi-Wan’s head. The powered shot hit the wall past the spot Obi-Wan had just been, leaving a scorched mark and a slight depression in the clay wall.
“Okay, now follow my lead,” Obi-Wan said attempting to gain control.
“It’s all about going with the force right, master?”
“No. Yes, yes. You know what I mean.”
“I don’t think I know. So, that’s a maybe,” Anakin said as he rushed forward, knocking out droids in the hallways that were heading their way.
“Here we go again,” Obi-Wan said force sprinting behind. After having caught up, Anakin was slicing and slashing droids as he passed them, “This can get tiring, Anakin,” as Obi-Wan breathed heavily.
“It seems you’re running out of breath, master,” Anakin said in response as he talked nonchalantly as if in a light jog, some breathing in and out, but far from straining.
Obi-Wan, one the other hand, was breathing noticeably and trying his best to stay the speed, though not breathing heavily. “Master Yoda and I’ve discussed about you taking on a padawan.
Anakin’s eyes widened and a smile creased his face slightly. He held his happiness of the news restrained so as not to seem overeager. “So, Master Yoda and the High Council have agreed on promoting-- I mean accepting me to Jedi Master?” asked Anakin as he sliced into a droid that was turning to aim into him as he rushed past and sliced him.
“They’ve agreed on it under one condition.” Anakin’s face reverted back to frustration and a seething resentment, which he tried restraining, though failed in the endeavor as Obi-Wan took notice. They slowed down their assault as they reached the factory and manufacturing plant.
“Of course, the High Council always makes exceptions, always makes me do or do not do a thing. I bet Master Windu was not pleased,” Anakin said a grin emerging again on his face. They had not dismantled parts of the factory yet, but looked into the scene, making sure traps weren’t set. Obi-Wan felt nothing a moment after Anakin had already determined the same, but Obi-Wan had the final say and Anakin had matured enough to give him the lead at least more than half the time. This made it still a master-apprentice relationship. The times he rushed was to finish the mission or to have some fun along the way. After all, even the dreariest jobs could be made fun by adding flair.
Obi-Wan took a few more breaths even though it was decided without a word and then he took the lead dismantling the factory arms that were building droids. As he chopped off a mechanical arm, Anakin followed suit going the opposite lane of the conveyor belt, dismantling one, deflecting a heat laser meant to engrave a droid part and deflecting it to another mechanical arm in Obi-Wan’s lane. They made short work of it before heading up the catwalks to the higher floor of the cavern where a mass of droids were running towards them to curb the breach. Droidekas appeared first, shield already activated, at which point Anakin took to the left of the opening, while Obi-Wan took the right to avoid the incoming machine blaster fire. The skitter, skitter of the crab-like appendages of the droidekas scratched the hard dirt floor in the cavern hallway approaching the entrance.
“What now, master? I don’t have any ideas.”
Obi-Wan sighed. He looked around, then behind them, and replied, “Maybe we shouldn’t have gotten rid off all those arms. We could’ve used an engraving laser, deflected it, and aimed it at the droidekas.”
“Good idea,” said Anakin.
“Wait, Anakin…”
Anakin sprinted to the catwalks, then force sprinted and force jumped onto the nearest standing mechanical arm or what was left of it as it no longer had parts that stamped and engraved onto the conveyor belts. The droidekas stopped in the hallway and began firing outside the entrance at Anakin. Anakin started deflecting and dodging back and forth.
“This is suicide,” Obi-Wan said as he rushed past the entrance and deflected several shots before reaching the left side of the entrance. After seeing that Obi-Wan was not in sight, the droidekas began moving forward and continued firing at Anakin. During that short downtime created by Obi-Wan when he ran past the entrance, he had sliced off small metal poles from the arm and started force pushing them into the hallway, trying to blocked off the exit.
“Anakin, those aren’t big enough!” Obi-Wan shouted back before he rushed back past the opening to deflect more shots before returning to the right side once more. Anakin ignored his master as he concentrated and began putting these metal parts into a giant ball of metal. “Oh dear,” Obi-Wan whispered to himself, then shouted “Make sure it’s big enough!”
“I’m doing it, master,” Anakin replied frustrated at the annoying panic expressed by his master. He deflected blaster fire with his right arm holding his lightsaber, while he used his left arm to morph the metal poles into a medium ball into larger ball and then began employing bigger parts from the cross section of the arm he had made from his first pass to make it even bigger. The droidekas were now at the entrance and Obi-Wan made one more hasty pass after force pushing them back a few feet. Obi-Wan reached the left side once more, while the droidekas made pace and reached the entrance again.
“Now would be a good time as any!” Obi-Wan shouted backing away from the opening, moving further left of the entrance, lightsaber at the ready. Anakin took some more time and right as the droideka nearest Obi-Wan was turning to face him, Anakin threw the ball of metal, slumping the droideka forward and then immediately back and up as it fell down, back legs crumpled, blasters firing diagonally above Obi-Wan. The other two droidekas were crushed entirely from the metal ball as it passed through the hallway, crushing the droids and battle droids that were behind the three droidekas. The droideka though incapacitated, moved its head camera to face downward to Obi-Wan’s position and re-aimed its blasters downward to fire upon him. Anakin, tired from using a massive amount of force push to push the metal ball down the full distance of the hallway to ensure that every droid was destroyed, was taking a break, breathing heavily, chest moving up and down.
“A little help here?” Obi-Wan said.
“Yes, master,” Anakin replied in a strained voice, a frustrated and tired look upon his face. He sprinted out normally and then force jumped onto the catwalk as he rolled forward. Obi-Wan was getting tested deflecting all these shots this way and that, some hitting the droideka’s shield, but most going to the sides. A stray deflected shot aimed at Anakin’s head as Anakin ducked under to avoid it.
“Sorry…” Obi-Wan said still focused and backing away, “I’m a little occupied.” Anakin rushed forward and with the shields now down, he rushed up and stabbed the back of the droideka’s head.
“Thank you… Anakin.” Obi-Wan said between breaths. “A bit violent though.”
“They are droids, master. You have said so yourself that you prefer bars without droids.”
“Well,” Obi-Wan turned his head side to side and shrugged halfway as he joined Anakin’s side.
Obi-Wan and Anakin sprinted through the corridors and hallways, killing an odd battle droid, patrolling super battle droids, but the area was strangely empty. As the two reached what would seem an opening and a shipment port for supplies, both sensed the trap. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin and asked, “Do you sense it? There are at least over a hundred droids in that shipping port.”
“I sense over 300, master. How do we approach this?”
“One thing I learned from teaching you, Anakin, is to play smarter, a loooot smarter. Follow me.” Obi-Wan led Anakin by force jumping to a jutting structure overlooking the pass and then jumping from these natural structures on the sides of the cavernous interior before reaching the roof of the shipping port where the side underneath opened out to a cavernous pit where ships would dock down. Underneath the roof stood 318 droids, among them several groups of jedi-killing droidekas, and an assortment of the newer super battle droids. Command droids marked with the insignia of purple, red, turquoise, blue, green, in descending order ranked them based on performance. Among those command droids, was a red-insignia Captain droid who heard some noises above. No pebbles, no dust, no fragments fell, so the droid did not know the cause of that burning noise, and scraping. The Captain droid continued looking overhead as he traced the noise along geometric lines, tetraminos. The Captain thought it peculiar. Was this some religious symbolism? Computing at such a basic level of physical symbols wasn’t going to cause anything to happen. A thump shook downwards as now dust fragments sprinkled down among the troops.
“Anakin! Be careful, it’s not all about speed. It’s about accuracy… and finesse.”
“Yes, master. I’ll go as slow as you,” Anakin said as he carved the tetraminos slower, though frustrated.
“Patience, Anakin. It will come soon. You will need it when you teach your new apprentice.”
Anakin’s mood lightened. “Hah, wouldn’t it be something if my apprentice could go faster than you, master? Maybe even in two weeks?”
“Anakin, my dearest friend, it is not always a competition.”
“Where? Where? Overhead! Overhead!” were repeated among the older models of battle droids. The super battle droids that could not talk aimed upwards as the battle droids did so in turn. One of the purple-insignia command droids near the red-insignia Captain droid who had traced those geometric shapes, remarked “Aim blasters, rockets, all weapons above! Prepare for attack!”
The red-insignia Captain droid, replied in response, “Colonel, they are carving up the cavern roof into tetraminos! Once they fill up, they will drop down at once!”
“Concentrate, Captain. We don’t need some gibberish distracting us. Aim your weapon, Captain.”
The red-insignia Captain hesitated, moved side to side alternating his leg joints tip-tapping the floor in nervousness and then clumsily shaking, his arms aimed up, overcompensating by aiming too high and then correcting, aiming diagonally at the ceiling that was ever rumbling.
A man with a grayed beard strode across the docking yard, his black cape flowing after him. A metal brooch, in the shape of a yin and yang symbol with the red denoting the Sith on the top and the blue denoting the Jedi on the bottom, tied the ensemble. As he approached, the purple Colonel, saluted him. The man waved his arm in a semi-circle, clean and crisp, dismissing the droid leader.
“What are you doing, Col? Get these men out of the docks, the roof is about to blow.”
“Roger, roger!” A loud rumble emanated across the roof at once and the man looked up at the roof, eyes wide, fear finally shone upon them. He force sprinted back the way he came while in the background the purple Colonel was having the Captains to tell the droids to move out towards the dock entrance in an orderly manner. The roof collapsed as rubble fell upon the droids below, droidekas, skittered on the floor, shields activated, but not enough as a huge piece of rubble crashed down and crushed a droideka right in the middle, legs scattered from the center of impact like that of a crushed crab.
“Run! Run! Run!” the purple Colonel shouted as he pointed repeatedly from the mechanical elbow joint downwards towards the docks entrance where the cavern opened into the pit. The red Captain rushed out, knocking over his comrades to make the exiit. At once, the roof came down upon the army including the red Captain, killing all but 60 of the 318, those nearest the dock entrance.
An engineer droid that was now getting the ships ready for departure, looked down and said, ‘Tetris” in a robotic voice. The following rubble nearby killed an additional twelve, allowing only 48 to survive as they began running towards the dock entrance to join up with Count Dooku, his magnaguard, pilot droids, and engineer droids. Two lightsabers swung outward slicing horizontally six and five droids. Anakin and Obi-Wan received their lightsabers, respectively. Both moved forward and force pushed and disabled ten more droids that were holding the defense, while the remaining 27 reached the docks as they created a defensive perimeter around the transport ships. Count Dooku made his exit with his transport ship, which now already warmed up, sped off out to the pit, outside the dock entrance and ascended upwards.
“Not so fast,” Anakin said as he force sprinted past the battle droids guarding the other ships, deflecting the blasters while dodging the rest.
“Anakin! We can track them!” Obi-Wan shouted. He sighed thereafter, all too familiar with this scenario and force sprinted after him. Anakin made his way onto the third ship that was already headed upwards to follow the second ship, which was following Count Dooku’s destination. He landed but used force to land softer so as not to gain suspicion from those piloting the ship. Blaster shots hit the hull of the transport ship as they ascended. Obi-Wan defended himself deflecting shots, force pushing five, then slicing up six more, then force jumped onto the fifth ship that was getting ready to ascend and follow the fourth ship, the ship that was following Anakin. This fourth ship was aiming at the third ship’s roof where it spotted Anakin hanging on. As it fired upon the ship, it damaged the hull and later the engine, causing it to veer off and descend. Anakin force jumped off, aiming to land on the fourth ship’s roof. As he soared through the air in this cavernous pit, he reached out but missed by several meters rather than inches as he now began free-falling downwards. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan went onto the fifth ship’s roof, but it refused to lift off as the pilots figured out that the second Jedi was on the roof. In addition to the onslaught of blasters now peppering him as Obi-Wan lay as flat as he could while deflecting blaster shots, the droids inside the ship rushed outside to add to the numbers.
“It never works out the same,” Obi-Wan said under his breath to himself. He rolled counterclockwise towards the cavern and slipped off with just his hands holding him in the ledge. Using his offhand to hold on, he used his lightsaber to slice a small hole as best as he could. The drafts of wind in this cavernous pit caused his clothes to billow up as it began to obscure his vision, cloth now covering his face every now and then. He clumsily finished creating a sizable hole and kicked it in with two heavy kicks before forcing himself into the cubby hole to enter the transport ship’s body. The ship was empty as they had all exited bar two remaining pilots that were on standby.
“Huh?” said the confused battle droid that climbed onto the roof of the ship when he saw that no Jedi was on the roof or out of the pit. “Jedi scum!” it shouted upon seeing Anakin falling down past the ship. Anakin force pulled the ship downward into the cavernous pit, which pulled it enough for it fall sideways into the cavernous pit, causing the droids atop the roof to try for balance and then slip off, arms and legs splayed outward, still holding their pistols and guns on one hand. The pilot droids inside crashed onto the left side along with Obi-Wan. The hole now created a sort of reverse vacuum and Obi-Wan narrowly held on the right side of the cabin’s entrance, farthest from the cubby hole he had created. He pulled himself in and landed onto the right side by the control panel inside the pilot’s cabin. One of the two pilot droids, spotted him and aimed his pistol. Before it fired, he force pushed them to disable them.
He looked outside the windows and spotted Anakin below, both falling, him on the inside and Anakin on the outside. Obi-Wan went to work as he pulled himself to the control panel, pressing the buttons almost at random. “Anakin’s always better at this. Why do I have to be the one to learn this stuff on the fly?” Obi-Wan asked himself as he fumbled levers vertically, pressed some corresponding buttons. The ship’s engines turned on and blasted forwards towards the side of the pit’s walls. He used the flightstick to turn it downwards toward the bottom of the pit to catch up to Anakin. Then, he depressed the lever to slow the engine and acceleration. He was still about 20 meters away from his falling apprentice. Obi-Wan used the speaker and shouted, “Anakin! Force pull the ship closer to you!”
“I can’t, master. I’ve used up too much energy.” Obi-Wan grimaced in worry and increased the lever upward before depressing it, halving the distance between them. He wasn’t the best pilot and this was enough for him to manage. Obi-Wan returned to the cubby hole he had created and force pulled his apprentice towards him. Still not in arms’ reach, he force pulled him some more and grabbed Anakin’s arm and pulled him inside.
“Not too long, master. In 15 seconds, the Sarlaac Pit below will be our end.” Obi-Wan rushed back into the pilot’s cabin, which was made easier as Anakin used his body to prevent the pressure differential from causing a reverse vacuum. He pulled the flight stick upward and then increased the lever slowly and then all the way to the top. The transport ship jutted up and then sharply turned upward, decelerating, almost coming to a stop in the pit and then boosting up violently upwards. He depressed the lever to decrease the speed of ascent and straightened the ship to go atop the cliffside toward Count Dooku’s ships to avoid the fire from the remaining droids on the docks. The other transports had already left safely by this point nowhere to be seen in the distance. After covering ground, Obi-Wan made a u-turn to head back to where they first rode on their hoverbikes ensuring to keep a long enough distance from the sniper droids on the hills and then to their ship to report back to the Jedi Council. It would be a long talk.


“An unknown factor, your apprentice is. Not ready, you are. Not ready, your apprentice is. Hmmm… Maturity, predictability does not mean. Reliablity, comfort does not mean,” Master Yoda said.
“As I have said, many times over, I will say it again. Obi-Wan, with all due respect, and due respect I will push as I am the leader of the Jedi Council as of yet. Your apprentice is not ready. Anakin Skywalker will not be chosen as a Jedi Master and his padawan will have to wait. Master Even Piell has graciously afforded his time to take on a new padawan. His former apprentice, Chak Ti, now serves under Olee Starstone in the Jedi Archives and she will be a great addition to our council if she so chooses,” said Master Windu.
“Key virtue, patience is. Not active, waiting is. Seems unlearned, this basic fundamental. Under Qui-Gon Jinn, you have learned. Much different, your apprentice is. Two measures, we propose. Sabbatical, change of masters, new apprentice,” Yaddle said.
“I’ve taught Anakin since he was a child! It’s--”
Yoda held out his hand for him to stop. “Out of turn, you speak. Rubbing off, your apprentice is. Apprentice makes master, it may be.”
Obi-Wan Wan calmed himself down as he relaxed his formerly tense shoulders.
“Or change of character, we must observe. Master you must be. Not give apprentice the lead, you must,” Yaddle said.
“To reiterate, you will lose your apprentice, if you fail this. One way or another, you must change him to abide by the Jedi ways or someone else will. You are dismissed, Master Obi-Wan.”
The holograms blinked out as it left Obi-Wan standing there at the reporting room by himself. The silence became numbing and he broke free by moving back to the bridge where Anakin, his apprentice, waited patiently for the next step.


Spacefighters, side by side, flew by the space destroyer where Count Dooku was likely to be located, if not, one of his lieutenants, General Grievous being the prime droid general. They avoided fire here and there from the distance as they closed in on the target.
“Follow my lead, Anakin. It’s a reconnaissance mission like last time. But, if we do manage to capture Count Dooku, I see no reason why they wouldn’t consider you capable.”
“I’ll be happy to do that once more,” Anakin replied.
“If we do find him and he escapes again, we must let him go, Anakin. Do not rush into things. This is our last chance, Anakin. The Jedi Council will remove me as your master, if you don’t follow my orders. I don’t see a jedi master that would not consider you qualified, but I would like to be there until the end, my apprentice.” In a moment of emotion, Anakin felt a sense of potential loss, and did not reply right away. “Are you alright, Anakin.”
“Uh, yes, master. More than alright. I will focus with all my best. And, of course, follow your lead.”
“Good to hear, Anakin.” As they closed in, giant pods were hot from the destroyer and the nearby ships. These giant pods opened up and spreadshot the leecher droids to destroy the engines of the two Republic ships.
“Leechers! On the 12,” said Obi-Wan through the comms.
“Roger, on it,” Anakin said.
“Anakin!” Obi-Wan reminded him.
“Oh, orders, master,” Anakin corrected himself.
“We fly in on the edge, avoiding as many as we can.”
“And what do we do after they latch on? R2 can’t handle himself; neither can any astromech droid.”
“Do what I do.” Obi-Wan sped off onto the edges of the carpet of leechers dotting the starry sky. He inevitably had several latch onto his ship.
“Focus on the leechers, R4,” Obi-Wan directed his astromech. R4 got his electrical fryer out and his concentrator and blasted one leecher away and another. A third slammed into his fryer, dying upon impact but disabling that weapon. The concentrator remained emanating electricity around it like a static field. The leechers cautiously walked around it, testing its charge as one stepped forward. It only tickled it, so it went forth and entered the static field, at which point the other two did the same, and started latching onto the head, disabling the concentrator, frying the astromech’s main header memory, main memory, until the droid was disabled. “Dear god, they’ve got me,” Obi-Wan said on the comms.
Anakin was shortly behind, speeding just the same. R2 was faring only slightly better, zapping one in succession, hitting the eyes of the leechers. Before being bombarded as R4 had, he used oil slop directed at the eyes in a 360 degree stream around him. “Don’t set that on fire, R2. I’m still piloting the ship.” R2 made some bleeps and bloops, but mostly bleeps. “Now, what, master.”
“Direct me to the spaceport.”
“At that speed? It will be difficult.” Obi-Wan continued at speed towards the spaceport avoiding blasters mostly by sheer speed with very little dodging.
“4 ticks down, master.” Obi-Wan lifted the flightstick four ticks upward to descend slightly.
“2 ticks up, master.” Obi-Wan readjusted, two ticks downward to ascend. Then, he
turned to dodge a charged blaster from the destroyer’s guns.
“6 ticks up, master.” Obi-Wan did so as best as he could while his ship started rattling.
“Secondary engines down,” voiced a female robotic voice from the ship’s AI.
“My secondary engines are down, I’m losing control, Anakin!” The ship started descending on its own and ascending as the ship jutted up and down like on a hilly landscape.
“7 ticks up, master. Focus, we must focus, master.”
“3 ticks down, master. 4 ticks, up.”
“Up or down, I can’t tell,” remarked Obi-Wan.
“If you stayed the course, it’s 5 ticks up right now, but you keep moving the stick up and down too much.”
“I’m doing the best I can with one engine.” A leecher climbed onto the ship’s window and started etching a laser to gain access to Obi-Wan’s cockpit. “Oh no, not now. Just a little bit,” Obi-Wan said to himself.
“7 ticks down, master.” Obi-Wan muscled the stick 7 ticks down and held on to prevent it from going up and down by itself.
“Good, master. I mean, it’s good. We should make it.” On Anakin’s ship, R2 started pelting out tools, wrenches, and secondary electrical components from his body to lob off the remaining leechers on the ship’s slippery surface. Only two remained, one far back near the engine, and one going into circles trying to find R2.
Back on Obi-Wan’s ship, the leecher on his cockpit window was now almost finished engraving a rectangular hole to force the freezing cold air from the vacuum of space into the ship’s cockpit. “Should I shoot that leecher, master?”
Obi-Wans eyes widened in surprise and then glazed. “You have my permission, my apprentice. I’ll have a better chance living if you miss.” Anakin fired, a blaster shot hit the side of the leecher on the cockpit window, just grazing the paint of the ship’s hull with no perceivable damage. “Well done, Anakin. We’ve made it.” Obi-Wan’s ship sped through into the spaceport where he forced the depressed lever to brake thrusters to halt the speed of his ship as it crashed into supply droids, medical droids, and accompanying smaller enemy ships before finally stopping after scraping on the floor of the spaceport. Anakin’s ship followed to his left and slowed, scraped the floor, but did not crash into any enemy ships.
“Can I fire on these stationary ships, master?”
“Go ahead, Anakin. You’ve earned it.” Anakin fired upon the targets reminiscing of the time he fired on the enemy ships stationed inside the trade federation capital ship when he was a child.
“Now, follow my lead, Anakin. We go to the headquarters and if it’s a trap, we go back to the ships.”
“Yes, master.”
Obi-Wan opened the cockpit and exited the ship, where Anakin did the same, leaving
R2-D2 with the ship. A dismantled droid of what remained of R4 was still in the compartment of Obi-Wan’s wrecked ship.
“Make sure to return when we come back, R2.” R2 bleeped.
Obi-Wan and Anakin sliced through several pilot droids and engineer droids. Droid ships began entering the spaceport to capture them. Obi-Wan rushed inside, deflected blasters from the incoming droids within the base. They went past several hallways before happening upon an embankment where a metal bridge lay with a heavy door coming down on the end to keep the intruders from entering. Obi-Wan used force to keep it open as he moved forward slowly. “I can’t hold it and move inside. Keep it there so I can go in,” he said to Anakin.
“Yes, master.” Anakin took the brunt of the weight with the force and after Obi-Wan let go and saw it was being held, he rushed forward and held it open for Anakin to pass through before letting go where it slammed right down trapping them inside the interior of the destroyer, but blocking entrance of the pilot droids headed there way from the spaceport.
“I wonder how R2 is doing right now,” Anakin said.
“He’s always survived, Anakin. A simple droid is easy to replace. Don’t get too sentimental, my young apprentice.”
“It’s easy for you to say, master. Your astromechs last only a week.”
“Now, now. R6 did last two weeks.”
Inside the room lay a concave domed bowl and a metal walkway leading to another corridor. Obi-Wan examined to make sure there wasn’t a trap in that depression, but did not detect anything and moved forward. Anakin looked back before entering the corridor behind Obi-Wan. Through the corridor, they entered a hallway and another room of metal walkways with energy cores in between. Then, they moved past those cores beyond the maze of walkways and detected a strong presence behind the locked gates at one of the ends of the catwalks. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin and both nodded. They stabbed their sabers through the gate and worked together to cut out a hole. While this was going on, some blasts shot upward from below the metal walkway hitting the wall a few feet away. Obi-Wan looked down confused.
“A recon droid, master,” answered Anakin.
“Ah, can you get rid of it?” asked Obi-Wan.
“Of course, master,” said Anakin as he turned the lightsaber on and proceeded to go into a baseball stance, ready to swing at the right moment. The recon droid fired twice as it closed in on the two jedi several meters away. He deflected the first shot at the strong end of the lightsaber near the point and hit the second shot with the lightsaber end nearest the handle as it aimed for his stomach. This Anakin performed with a single baseball swing. The recon droid fired once more before the first deflected shot hit the floating droid right in the center as it exploded, burnt metal pieces falling down the pit of the destroyer. The second deflected shot flew diagonally and hit a wall, while Anakin avoided the recon droid’s third shot by dodging it, returning to his master’s side.
“No need to show off, but it will be a good warmup for what’s next. Count Dooku is behind this and I sense two other strong forces, possible apprentices.”
“I sense them too, master. Should we proceed?”
Obi-Wan nodded and force pushed the door with Anakin’s help. The cutout of the metal door shot forward several feet before tumbling forward sliding on the metal floor of the oddly cold room. Inside was a domed out window overlooking space. Standing at the center was Count Dooku with arms splayed out welcoming them.
“Hello, hello, my dear guests. I assume you are here to duel me. An honorable jedi would only do 1vs1, but I don’t trust your apprentice, Master Obi-Wan. So, my droidekas and my magnaguard will cut out what may. I cannot micromanage them, unfortunately, so if you do both perish, perhaps, neither of you were ready for me.”

As they prepared for battle, a tetris bot came and perfect cleared the entire universe.

The End.

Bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg8NEQ6aizI
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post Aug 7 2017, 07:01 PM
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Lol, nice story misterbull. What was your thought process when deciding which players were which characters? How come the story doesn't include some characters? Are you a longtime lurker, because some of these names haven't been around the community in awhlie (Chopin for example). Finally, I don't recognize some of these characters like JAP Superbrain or Doremy/NovaTitan/Olee, who are they?
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post Aug 12 2017, 12:04 AM
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QUOTE(Blink @ Aug 7 2017, 07:01 PM) *

Lol, nice story misterbull. What was your thought process when deciding which players were which characters? How come the story doesn't include some characters? Are you a longtime lurker, because some of these names haven't been around the community in awhlie (Chopin for example). Finally, I don't recognize some of these characters like JAP Superbrain or Doremy/NovaTitan/Olee, who are they?

Hi, HD Blink, I wanted to make the story after I suggested that OnePunMan was like Darth Vader and then it blew up to different suggestions like you being Yoda sensing a disturbance in the force. From there, I had initial characters from the discord and their relative SW equivalents, but I only fully realized which was which when I examined how each player played and what skill level they were at. Zwei being a youngling is because he said that he was under 2 PPS and a beginner. All the key players in the SW universe would be based on the highest skilled players aside from Kit Fisto who I got confused with Ki Adi Mundi. I changed Ki Adi Mundi to Caffeine which is far more respectable as Kit Fisto dies pretty quickly, while Ki Adi Mundi is a general badass.

No, I'm not a lurker, but I have top tier google-fu skills which gives me the ability to find archived footage, archived links, etc., which gives me the best guides for any game or activity I start on. Tetris is just one of those interests for this year and I intend to devote 2 years in it so I can go to some Tetris majors in the USA. This has been my goal after my first month of play. I started Tetris in June 2017 and after 3 months of play and 51 hours later, I hit sub 70 in 40L, but there's easily more room to improve with finesse, accuracy, and DAS, which I'm going to improve through established guides like from the likes of Chopin and some Puyo Puyo Tetris veterans. Being 26, and old for someone starting out, I only devote 30mins per day on average or less, depending on work schedule. My main genre is always going to be FPS where I've competed in national leagues in and community leagues in. Other than that, I like to write, which isn't my passion, but something that comes really easily for me. And being a garrulous individual, C-3PO, is my SW equivalent. And though I go by misterbull from twcenter.net, where my main game there was Medieval II: Total War for only 2 years, I use this name for some forums I go to. NovaTitan is my secondary name and my primary name used in competition is Brahma.

The Japanese Superbrain competitor is someone I wanted to include in the story. Olee Starstone is the main archivist Jedi in the SW universe and someone I couldn't find an HD equivalent for. Doremy is a Puyo Puyo Tetris player. And NovaTitan is me. I'm Brahma. I'm misterbull. I'm also several other names that need not be named here as I like to keep these spheres separate for a host of proven reasons.

Halo.png I'll enjoy my time here. And if I accomplish what I set out to do, I'll be on my way. Chopin is my soul brother after all.
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