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> JSTris
post Sep 10 2018, 12:19 AM
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jeez Okey_Dokey, you always have such a thoughtful, helpful response to everyone on here. You're an absolute gem in this community. How are you so knowledgeable and remain so steadfast with the replies, despite people not replying back so often? You're so underappreciated that I just want to tell you you're a great person and at least 1 person appreciates what you are doing.
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post Sep 10 2018, 01:58 AM
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QUOTE(Okey_Dokey @ Sep 9 2018, 06:48 PM) *

Loads of helpfulness

Thanks, Dokey!
Once again, you're the man!
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post Dec 7 2018, 01:46 AM
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Wanted to start playing tetris, so I was trying out all free PC tetris apps i could get my hands on. So far I like JSTris most. Simple and clear UI, crisp controls, not intrusive sounds, no bullshit ideology - it is perfect app, except that its completely not beginner friendly. Very little single player mods, surivival is completely brutal (increasing difficulty or preset difficulty levels would be nice), no iconic marathon (?!). All i can is to admire this client, since there is clearly no mode for me here Frown.png
Is source code closed? Are there any mods?
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post Dec 20 2018, 08:03 PM
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LOVE Jstris through and through.

I do have a small request though:

Could you please change it so that whenever a replay fails to save that it doesn't generate the error message in a pop up dialog box? Perhaps just an unobtrusive message shows up in the chat window instead or something?

When doing back to back runs on maps, sprints, or whatever it can be extremely infuriating to have started a new game, and suddenly have that error message straight up interrupt playing as it not only gets in the way, but also removes focus from the playing field.

Pretty please with a t piece on top?
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post Feb 15 2019, 01:24 AM
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  • Improved players' fields in multiplayer
    • At the bottom right corner of the area with players' screens, there is a menu to control view settings:
    • Zoom - option to enlarge the area with opponent play fields up to 200%
    • Full screen - opponent play fields are adjusted to fit the whole screen (intended for spectators as your own game field disappears, good for high-res match streaming), the chat box stays displayed
    • Show H+Q - this will always force visibility of opponents Hold & Queue (otherwise they are displayed only for lower amount of players in the room)
    • Show stats - enables live PPS and APM stats under each player's field
  • Option to export replays as video or GIF
    • At the bottom of every replay, there is an option to export the replay
    • The following options can be configured: replay title, range of replay to export, rendering FPS, playback speed, resolution, quality, format, and option to include updating stats (Game time, Lines cleared, PPS and KKP)
    • Supported formats are GIF animation and WEBM video
    • This is an experimental feature, export layout is likely to change
  • Monochrome block skin
    • Skin which has all the pieces in the same color (except garbage) can be selected in the Settings, the color is customizable
    • This skin will be visible also for other players in multiplayer and in replays
  • A new set of sound effects
    • Choose Rainforest SFX in the settings, it is now also the default SFX for new players
    • It is currently the only SFX set providing different sound pitch with increasing combo
  • Changes in the touch controls (TC)
    • Because some players are actually using this way of controlling the game on mobile, some improvements were made:
    • Added soft drop as a slow swipe down
    • Fixed bad replay saving from TC (there was a glitch when playing with a player that was using TC)
    • Sensitivity will be adjusted in the upcoming days based on feedback of mobile players in Jstris discord
  • Updated the list of user medals to list all medals (added selection between gold/silver/bronze)
  • Added random map link to the map menu
  • Map leaderboard can be sorted by most gold/silver/bronze/total map medals
  • Fixes: overflow rooms, line not clearing on 21st line, live-screen glitch on room rejoin, ARR live-screen glitch, multiple optimizations

The previous version had several minor sub-versions (v1.34.1 - v1.34.6) that didn't have their own change log, therefore I'm listing the most notable changes:
  • Added HostStart only room option (see Advanced settings when creating a room) - only the player who created the room can start the game (also from spectator mode)
  • Apart from port 9001, the game now also accepts connection on port 443 - this means even with TCP port-based firewall on network, game server should be accessible
  • A page with users map medals, map voting, search option for maps (special keywords are rule:PC, rule:static, myvotes, myupvotes, mydownvotes)
  • Different style of messages about DC/replay upload failure - they appear in chat and don't disturb the game
  • The bot room is no longer the default room
  • DAS direction cancellation enabled by default and customizable in advanced settings - defines priority of handling DAS if both direction keys are pressed at the same time
  • Added the Jstris guide written by Eddie, currently with localizations in French, Chinese an Korean
  • Localization updates for: Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Russian
  • Spin detection fixes: vertical tspin detection, tspin mini detection, TSD detection with overhang outside of visible area, fixes for "iso&neo polymer TSD"
  • Fixed duplicate leaderboard record for 1 user with 2+ same PB times (thanks myndzi for consultation)

Many of the implemented ideas were suggested by players in Jstris and Hard Drop community. For discussion & bug reports you can visit the Jstris Discord.
If you liked any of the changes you can make a donation so the game server can keep running or be upgraded to decrease the lag.
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