a positive experience
Posted On 12/28/2011 15:04:14 by Radiance

dear diary,

it's been a while since we last spoke. 2011 was very good to me. 

i met a lot of amazing people. i found a lot of good music. i made a lot of mistakes. i learned a lot about life. i have become happy. 

i am happy despite having no money. despite being behind in school years. i am happy despite my family's health drastically changing the way i live. despite understanding that i have permanently cut ties with a lot of people who were once important to me. 

it doesn't matter. 

i am happy because the one constant in my life is no longer loneliness, but love. 

my new years resolutions are to love harder, to make more money, and to become tier 1 at descending order of importance.

life is good. til next time


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Radiance wrote on 02/01/2012 14:32:42


XaeL wrote on 01/28/2012 22:22:33

"love harder" thats disgusting.

Sisu wrote on 12/29/2011 08:30:11

wotever "tier 1" means, beating HeboM was probly a step in the right direction

ohitsstef wrote on 12/28/2011 15:21:53

dear diary 


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