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potms 2013
Posted On 11/05/2013 09:25:03 by ohitsstef
just a list Confugal Virulent Destiny Jtadore PolarisTR Destiny thousandfire Boblaze Estrelleta eevor... Read More

I need you to shine in my life
Posted On 10/29/2013 18:12:32 by ohitsstef
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time What’s a king bed without a queen You make me complete ... Read More

la de da
Posted On 10/09/2013 10:06:34 by ohitsstef
testing  i play really risky  i should change that  that is all  - S 

Back on... and not back on
Posted On 10/02/2013 07:07:09 by inrebellion
In my senior year of high school... cannot be disturbed while I am finishing my learning. I am on the final leg of my schooling years and on my way to college years! It's getting tough, but I know that I am strong enough to make it through to the end!   -Rebel... Read More

The wait...
Posted On 04/30/2013 05:04:14 by inrebellion
You know you don't have the patience, when you realize that you are going to be a brother/sister. But, the wait was worth it. My little baby brother was born at 4:21am! There was no c-section. She was all natural! The baby is doing good and mom is doing great. Praise God that we have made it to 9 months all the way through! And praise God that she didn't need the c-section!  ... Read More

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