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Posted on July 24, 2017, 1:09 pm

Evolution Championship Series or short EVO is an annual fighting game event held in Las Vegas in July. AnimEVO is a series of side tournaments majorly dedicated to anime-style fighting games. This year Puyo Puyo Tetris (PPT) tournaments were held for the first time (after the English releases for PS4 and Switch). The tournaments were organized by Kiyobi (ShibuyaESPer), streamed by Ghoul02 and majorly commentated by Kiyobi and Gorilla Marketing (rockrain).

Two PPT tournaments were held in total, both on the PS4 version: a Swap mode tournament where the game switches between Puyo Puyo and Tetris every 25 seconds and a Doubles tournament where on each team one player plays Puyo Puyo and the other Tetris. A Versus mode (players decide to play either Tetris or Puyo Puyo) tournament was dropped in favor of the Doubles tournament and to give more visibility to the Swap mode tournament (also note that in Versus mode the Tetris player is at slight disadvantage, a patch is planned for August). The top 3 players (respectively teams) received a medal and some small prize money. The Swap mode final was watched by over 1000 people online.

Players came from 6 different countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Around 53 players participated in Swap mode and 16 teams in Doubles. There were some good American Puyo Puyo players from Puyo Nexus and 2 excellent international Puyo Puyo players with acliv from Taiwan and tema2424 from Japan (she's even in an eSports team but didn't really practice Tetris), and last but not least an outstanding Tetris player with amemiyataiyō from Japan. Amemiyataiyō is to this date pretty much unbeaten on PPT: He won RedBull 5G twice (one time Doubles), a Japanese online round robin tournament and a PPT Switch launch exhibition. Sadly, there was no decent guideline Tetris player besides amemiya since the Versus tournament was dropped (the best Western players never really bothered to learn Puyo Puyo because Tetris is the bigger franchise and Puyo Puyo has a higher learning curve than Tetris).

Both tournaments were held in Double Elimination modus, so players were eliminated after losing 2 matches. The winners', losers' and grand finals were played first to 3 win sets ("best of 5"); all other matches were played first to 2 win sets ("best of 3") whereas a set was first to 2 points.

The Swap tournament was divided in 2 groups until 8 players were left in the tournament: flashman92, amemiyataiyō, acliv, nokoly (all winners bracket), McButt, talking_chicken, DdR_Dan, tema2424 (all losers bracket). There were some very close matches in the losers bracket, for example tema vs DdR_Dan, nokoly vs McButt and acliv vs DdR_Dan. On the other hand, amemiya won this tournament very sovereignly - he didn't lose a single set, probably not even a single point. Here are videos of the winners final and grand final against acliv. DdR_Dan made 3rd place and nokoly 4th place. After the tournament was finished, amemiya played an exhibition match and held his ground against a 3 players team (acliv, DdR_Dan, flashman).

acliv & amemiya & DdR_Dan | amemiya & tema

In the Doubles competition, amemiya formed a team together with tema ("temamiya"). Since both players are excellent in their game, their victory was never threatened. They didn't lose a single point in the end. Here are the games against ButtFlash (McButt & flashman) in the winners final and grand final. Raikon & John Numbers made 3rd place, Team S2 OK (kitaru & shoe) made 4th place. If you want to watch some close matches, then I recommend Team Needs Improvement vs ButtFlash, Raikon & John Numbers vs When's PuzzlEVO and Raikon & John Numbers vs ButtFlash.

Here're the whole videos for the top 8 Swap mode and the Doubles event:

Swap Mode Top 8:

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