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Posted on May 29, 2016, 4:40 pm

Almost one year ago, the website announced a Tetris AI competition. Hobby programmers could submit bots and compete for a cash prize pool of 2000 €. Over 300 bots were submitted, and some programmers shared their source code. The competition is using the following rules:
  • 1 vs 1 battle
  • memoryless randomizer, 1 preview, no hold
  • pieces spawn and rotate like in modern games but without kicks
  • a Single scores 0 points, a Double 3 points, a Triple 6 points, and a Tetris 10 points
  • a T-Spin Single scores 5 points, a T-Spin Double 10 points
  • combos are also rewarded, whereby a Single doesn't increase the current combo counter
  • the combo points correspond to the value of the combo counter previously to the line clear
  • every 3 points a garbage line is sent to the opponent
  • every other garbage line has 2 holes in it
  • every 15 pieces (turns) both bots receive solid (non-clearable) garbage lines
  • making a Tetris or T-Spin Double lineclear allows to skip a piece in future
Two weeks ago, the bot submission was closed (temporarily), and the bots battled each other for Elo rating system points. Afterwards the top 24 seeded bots fought in some kind of Double Elimination until only 8 of them were left. Said bots competed in the playoffs for the cash prizes.

The top seeded bot hogeris (by user nus) was beaten by artoppod in a Japan-internal semi-final. In the finals artoppod faced Hohol from Russia and claimed the win and with it 1000 €.

Video of the final
Comment by Okey_Dokey on May 29, 2016, 4:55 pm

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