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Posted on November 24, 2014, 8:29 am

From VGBlogger,

For this new edition, many of the gimmicks and mode variants have been trimmed back to present a slightly leaner, meaner Tetris that's refocused on the skill and purity of stacking Tetriminos. A quality over quantity approach, if you will. [...]

Given the skill-based focus multiplayer naturally is a huge draw, and fortunately competing against others in the art of Tetrimino stacking is where the game excels. When you're able to find other people to play with, of course.

VGBlogger's full review.

From Nintendo Life,

Tetris Ultimate largely lives up to its name; it's a comprehensive collection of Tetris gameplay modes with various optional tweaks and tremendous online and local multiplayer. It must be said though that except the new Challenge modes, there's nothing new here that any Tetris veteran hasn't already played. The Challenge modes are clearly targeted towards such experienced Tetris-heads, but the longevity isn't as extensive as the original Marathon mode, which is still probably the most fun you can have with Tetris by yourself. Putting it simply, at the end of the day it's Tetris — but that's just fine.

Nintendo Life's full review.

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