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Posted on April 14, 2014, 9:04 pm

By Sisu

On April 13th, Ben Mullen defeated runner-up "SiRTeTRiS" Zack Kingstad to capture his second Tetris championship at the Midwest Gaming Classic. MGC 2014 capped a flurry of "retro" Tetris competition, featuring four events in four countries!

First was in the German Classic Tetris Championship April 4th that featured original Game Boy Tetris played via modified "Super Game Boys" on Super Nintendo consoles. German engineering at its finest! The final matches were decided on SNES Tetris (Tetris & Dr. Mario). "Mr. Tetrischarity" Kevin Woost took first place.

In Denmark on April 5th, Jakob Birksø prevailed in what was perhaps the largest tournament ever for PAL-region NES Tetris.. Jani Herlevi hopes to attend the next one!

Wrapping up the weekend in Canada April 6th, "colour_thief" Eric Taylor overthrew three-time champion Ryan Whitney in an NES Tetris "most lines" battle at the Waterloo Video Game Swap. This contest happens twice a year and features a "perpetual trophy" adorned with tetrominoes that is held by the winner until the next meeting when they must defend their title in order to keep it!

Comment by Bogus on April 15, 2014, 5:18 pm
Good with some classic tetris! Was good a competition i Denmark!

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