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Posted on February 28, 2014, 1:05 pm

This is long overdue, but I owe this to all the individuals who helped me throughout Tetris Tournament Online III. Despite Tetris accelerating downhill rapidly, Tetris Tournament Online III had 181 entrants from 36 countries on 5 continents. This was due in no short part to the willing and eager helpers I had. Unlike traditional acknowledgments, for the most part I will state the task followed by the individuals who helped with it to avoid redundancy.

Blue Planet Software:Thank you for sponsoring the tournament again despite a significant drop-off in Tetris activity in the past year. I appreciate the faith you had in this tournament and the Tetris community, and I hope that we did not disappoint you.

Tetris Online Inc.:Thank you for sponsoring the tournament with 100 rubies, sufficient for maximum tuning, per individual for 25 players instead of the 20 rubies provided last year. Thank you for advertising the tournament on TetrisFriends' front page during sign-up period; I believe around 20-30 people signed up the night the home page was updated. Thank you for advertising hyped playoff matches on the front page also to jumpstart viewers for the top 16. Finally, thank you for your widespread advertisement of the finals.

Twitch:Thank you for featuring the tournament again on the front page despite your new policy of no free advertisements. The bulk of the viewers for the finals this year were doubt due to your help.

To the respective employees contacted at each of the above three corporations:Thank you for maintaining a friendly and helpful demeanor throughout the tournament. Thank you for the quick replies and overall helpful attitude.

To the translators:I cannot express how grateful I am for your translations. At least 20 additional players joined the tournament after reading the document in their native language.

To the 161 players who played their matches:Thank you for playing your matches. Though it might seem like an obligation, most Tetris tournaments in the recent past have featured an absurd amount of no-shows.

To the "new" Japanese players (iketti, whipemerald, kohakuseki):Thank you for joining the tournament. I believe most people in the community were unaware of your skills. All of you were very entertaining to watch.

To the North American Tetris Elite (MicroBlizz, HD_Blink, qmk, Johnny147, kennyboy2, SirJeivus, chrisw, HR_larry, and jixsoo) and WendyLoL :Thank you for joining the tournament despite having massive amounts of work on your plates during your quarter/semester. All of you contributed to the overall excitement of the tournament with exhilarating matches and interesting playstyles.

To the Japanese Elite (hebo_MAI, HAHAHA1744, mattyabar, ajanba):Thank you for joining the tournament. You were the stars of the show - the rest of the Tetris community and I really enjoyed watching you play at such a high level. All of you demonstrated mastery of complex strategies, which fueled your rise to the top of the tournament ladder.

To the commentators (MicroBlizz, HD_Blink, SirJeivus, HR_larry, Johnny147, jixsoo, morningpee, kennyboy2, caffeine, Paul676, vipjun):Thank you for your collective effort in helping me realize my goal of having every match commentated with at least two people. Thirty-one matches in four weeks is a massive amount of work, especially with some matches at inconvenient hours. Thank you all for providing analytical and meaningful commentary instead of the empty excitement featured in last year's playoffs.

To the North American practice group (MicroBlizz, HD_Blink, Johnny147, SirJeivus, Carolyn, jixsoo):Thank you for consistently being practice partners for the players who needed it. Your practice sets provided the community with Tetris to watch when there was not a match going on.

To the interviewees (hebo_MAI, HAHAHA1744, mattyabar, ajanba, HD_Blink, MicroBlizz, qmk, kennyboy2, SirJeivus, and HR_larry):Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do an interview. I hope these interviews may preserve your legacies when/if you quit Tetris altogether.

I would like to thank a group of players who exceeded expectations and/or provided novel playstyles.

WendyLoL: Your side 4w was ridiculously fast and effective, even against the top players in the tournament. It proved to be a major source of excitement for many players.

qmk:Great job on getting 7th place in the tournament. You most definitely lived up to your description on the Notable Players List. Some players may have underestimated you because you did not join any of the previous Tetris Tournament Onlines, but now the community acknowledges that you're a defensive powerhouse.

HD_Blink:A HardDrop tournament isn't complete without the defending North American champion. Thank you for practicing to get back in shape and nearly upsetting HAHAHA1744 in the Winner's Bracket.

MicroBlizz:You were the North American star of the show, accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of becoming the North American champion. Your integration of timing techniques shedded your previous reputation of being a speed demon. I'm really happy that all your hard work and practice paid off.

ajanba:Your playstyle is unlike anything (most) players have ever seen. Your perfect clear expertise in conjunction with your expansive T-Spin knowledge provided viewers with high-action, mind-blowing matches.

mattyabar:You took defensive techniques to a completely new level. Your astounding recoveries from near-fatal situations provided groundbreaking developments in how to play defense in guideline Tetris.

HAHAHA1744:Your upset over hebo_MAI was voted as the best match of the tournament. Congratulations for being the only player to send hebo_MAI to the loser's bracket and becoming the first player other than hebo_MAI to play from the winner's bracket in the finals.

hebo_MAI:You were easily the center of attention in this tournament, and you lived up to your billing as the world's best Tetris player, winning twice from the loser's bracket, a very impressive accomplishment. I admire your work ethic and ability to stay at the top of the ladder despite having little to no outside motivating factors. I have the utmost respect for you.

I would also like to thank a select group of individuals who contributed significantly to the success of the tournament.

HR_larry and qmk:Thank you for hosting a live event for your playoff match at Stanford University. I don't think this has happened before for such a high stakes match; it definitely was a novel experience for the tournament, and the community really enjoyed that particular stream.

morningpee and jixsoo:Thank you for being there to commentate when no one else was available.

bluesphere:Thank you for providing me consistent and reliable Japanese translations throughout the tournament. Thank you for helping me realize my dream of having the Japanese players interviewed. I really appreciated you taking your time out to help with all of this.

SirJeivus: Thank you for helping promote the tournament in international communities. Your popularity clearly drew more players into the tournament, and your matches sucked in many viewers.

Aaron:Thank you for doing a lot of the manual work behind the scenes - filling out the tournament entrants list and making schedules the first few weeks were not desirable tasks at all. Thank you for being a capable and meticulous helper.

Carolyn:Thank you for voluntarily helping to compile the statistics for the tournament. That was a long and arduous task, and I really appreciated your eagerness to help.

MicroBlizz:Thank you for being the best focal commentator in this tournament anyone could ask for. Thank you for being a helpful practice partner for the other playoff participants too - I'm sure they were more than grateful for your practice.

Sisu: Thank you for all your help and advice behind the scenes. You were always someone I could ask if I had any concerns or questions.

Stephanie:Thank you for doing so much for the tournament and always being quick to do the tasks. Thank you for making the tournament banner, constantly updating the twitter, conducting Blink's interview, and making the tournament thumbnail last minute.

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