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Posted on October 18, 2013, 8:44 pm

Play Tetrizoo here:

Attention: This game is not in English!

As you might know, there are only 4 English multiplayer games which have steady activity, namely Tetris Battle, Tetris Friends, Cultris 2 and Tetris Online Poland. However, there are a few other games which survived because of the language barrier. Among them is this Italian game (another example is this bad programmed German game). Tetrizoo is actually not a bad game, but it has no singleplayer and it's 2 players only (like Palatris/Dualtris).

There're 2 modes: one with ranking and one without. In the non-ranked mode, you can choose against which opponent you want to play (of course, your opponent must accept). In the ranked mode, an available opponent will be assigned to you. However, you can choose the strength of your opponent. You can have a rematch, if both players agree. If you register, you can also play against a friend. If you play as a guest, you can choose the non-ranked mode only.

When I tested the game, there were 15 to 20 players in ranked mode and 0 to 4 players in non-ranked mode. I needn't wait too long to find an opponent in the ranked mode. However, my last opponent was often re-assigned to me (although I rejected her). When I was finally able to challenge a stronger opponent, no one was around.

Now some words towards the gameplay: It's pretty much a classic styled game. 1 preview, no hold, no kicks. Randomizer seems to be memoryless. The garbage system is like that of Multris and Blockles: pretty messy garbage, Tetris sends 3 lines, Triple 2, Double 1. There's a short entry delay (i.e. a small pause after you drop a piece). The game uses your operating system's key repeat speed & delay (with other words no DAS). You have to play with arrow keys and spacebar (hard drop). Rotating works only clockwise. Rotation system is similar to that of Tetris DX.

From time to time you'll receive pieces with items inside. If you clear a line containing an item, you'll get an effect according to the item.

  • Bomb: You'll receive a bomb next. You can decide where to drop it. The line in which the bomb lands will be destroyed.

  • Fast Forward: Your opponent's pieces fall double as fast. Pretty useless.

  • Lock: Your opponent cannot rotate his/her next 3 pieces.

  • Rainbow: You'll destroy all(?) blocks of a certain color in your opponent's matrix. Those blocks have the same color as the piece, you have cleared the line with.

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IPB Image

IPB Image

Comment by SwagLordTeddy on December 1, 2013, 3:37 pm
I love your news reports blink ^_^
Comment by Integration on October 19, 2013, 1:43 am
Oh there seems to be a misunderstanding. This game is probably many years old. It's not newsworthy.

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