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Member Taciturn just launched his multiplayer Tetris game on the Google Play Store:


Thanks for the kind words everyone! It's always great to hear that people like my game. Your support keeps me focused!

Quantro 1.0 is now available on Google Play. This update focuses on multiplayer for 3+ people. It adds two new multiplayer game styles, Melee and Tides, that are available in any 4 or 6 player lobby.


  • Adds "Brawl" and "Tides," multiplayer game types for Quantro and Retro.

    • Both types support 3-6 players, and are available in lobbies with more than 2 members.

    • "Melee" expands the basic gameplay of VS. mode to a larger group of players.

      • Clearing multiple rows at once will send garbage rows to another player.

      • Garbage will alternate between the 'next' and 'previous' players (players are numbered 1-6, so e.g. garbage from player 3 will alternate between player 2 and player 4).

      • As players drop out, garbage will skip them to hit the next player in line.

      • The last remaining player wins.

    • "Tides" expands the basic gameplay of Flood VS. to a larger group of players.

      • Clearing multiple rows at once will temporarily speed up the garbage rows of all other players.

      • The last remaining player wins.

      • Like "Flood," this game mode is part of the first "game mode pack," and is only available if at least one person in the game lobby has Quantro XL or the Flood game mode pack.

  • Changes the "opponent thumbnail" in large games to support 2 or more opponents.

    • Touching the opponent thumbnail will fullscreen their game.

    • Slide your finger up and down to switch between opponents.

    • The opponent displayed when you release will remain in the thumbnail as you play.

  • In lobbies, colored tabs on the edge of the screen indicate offscreen votes.

    • Available game modes are shown in a scrollable list, allowing players to vote for their next game.

    • Onscreen game modes show votes as color-coded checkmarks.

    • When scrolled offscreen, colored tabs appear to represent these votes.

  • Main Menu, lobby list, and game options screens now make better use of space on tablet-sized screens.

  • Makes changes to multiplayer code, fixing a few bugs and expanding functionality to allow for larger game sizes. These changes break backwards compatibility for multiplayer, meaning 1.0 cannot join multiplayer games hosted by 0.9.9 or earlier, and vice-versa.

Have fun with the new multiplayer game modes!

Comment by kaefix on November 17, 2013, 4:13 am
the best of androids games

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