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Here's a snippet Kotaku's article about Tetris Axis:

"How do you mess up Tetris? The answer, clever reader, is not: "Put it on the Nintendo 3DS." The 3DS isn't the problem.

I bring you news (opinion, actually) that the new Tetris, made specially for the Nintendo 3DS is inferior, vastly, to the Tetris made for the Nintendo DS—five years ago. Yet I will not blame the 3DS for this problem, much as it is easy to blame other video game calamities on Nintendo's not-yet-terrific portable machine.

No, the faults of the new Tetris Axis are the faults of the game, not the game machine. They're a reminder that the hardware doesn't really matter. It's the games, people, that make a system great and it's the not-good games that aren't helping my 3DS seem any more awesome.

You Can Judge the Tetris Quality Gap By Their Title Screens

Cutting-edge microprocessors and fancy displays don't make a Tetris great. Tetris was amazing when it was running on late 20th-century technology. It's just blocks falling, I assume you know. And all you need as a player as the ability to turn them move them or speed their fall. We can therefore think of Tetris as the video game version of a Shakespearean text, something that probably will never be improved but can be interpreted and presented in a level commensurate with the talent of the people who decide to re-stage it.

In other words: since you don't have to make the game better, you've got no excuse for making an ugly Tetris."


Let's Blame The Tetris Company

There is an outfit called The Tetris Company. They enable a game to be branded as an "authentic Tetris game." These games were both authorized.

I have not asked them, but I believe that, by having the ability to allow Tetris games to exist, The Tetris Company also has the ability to make them no longer exist. Hence: you can't buy a new copy of Tetris DS anywhere. It's been out of print for years. On paper, they did the right thing, letting new companies like Majesco, Hudson and EA make new Tetris games for DS, PSP, iPhone, you name it... but sometimes the game they made in 2006—hell, the game Tetrisinventor Alexey Pajitnov made in the mid-80's—is great enough.

If you're going to get a Tetris game for the 3DS, remember the thing you may have already learned as a 3DS owner: it's not the 3D that matters; it's not the year the game was made... get the great one. Get 2006's Tetris DS.

(Note: Tetris Axis will be out on October 2 and, to be fair, it does have online multiplayer that I wasn't able to save. That might help the game, but I doubt it'll change the fact that, at best, this new Tetris is an ambitious mediocrity. 3DS gamers deserved a better new Tetris, because, whether hardware is good or bad, you can always have a great Tetris on it.)"

Source with videos: ot-guilty

Comment by iphys on October 1, 2011, 12:07 pm
Yeah, whatever, I tried to make sense of this article, but I'm going back to play some more Tetris Axis now.
Comment by triple_lei on October 1, 2011, 11:47 am
On that note, it looks like there's a tournament for the game tomorrow:
Comment by Beastin_Shen on October 1, 2011, 2:55 am
Comment by Kitaru on September 30, 2011, 9:30 am
At least 80% of this article is garbage.
Comment by randomtetrisnoob on September 30, 2011, 4:07 am
My other comment is tl;dr, so summary: "inferior because of an ugly title screen, ugly menu, and lame mini-games? and also bashes on 20G? no mention of DAS/ARR, or multiplayer settings? Not my kind of review."
Comment by randomtetrisnoob on September 30, 2011, 4:01 am
Hmm, I like some of the points (such as the whole licensing thing with TTC, and with TDS not being distributed anymore), but I think that's it. I didn't find what (to me) makes a good tetris game (decent multiplayer modes, fast/customizable movement, like DAS/ARR, or even softdrop speed, or mechanics of game modes that may require skill, like marathon, or customizability, like x lines sprint, or practice modes which may have customizable settings like gravity, or setting rules for multiplayer like 1v1, 6 player with OR [preferably] without items, or less than 6 players in rooms, etc). Instead, this review focuses on trivial (to me) things like the title screen, menu designs, and mini-games (i.e. extra game modes). And even bashes on 20G (master mode). Tetris 3DS may be bad (or it may be good), but for me, it won't be based on the points of this review.

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