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"Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Kinect with a hack of a cult classic game? An even more addictive, albeit basic, 3D game of Tetris, complete with Wiimote to move blocks around.

Youtube user "Keysosaurus" created the hack with C#, XNA and OpenNI coding, as part of his coursework at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. It works by taking the real world around the player's head, tracked by the Mircosoft Kinect, and placing the Tetris platform over the top. You can move the overall playing field by simply moving your head.

The Wiimote comes in to rotate the pieces as you wish to stack them, while you can use your hands to move the pieces around the grid. The hack also shows your score, and which piece will be coming up next.

Not a bad DIY hack, that certainly works, but the wiimote looks a little awkward to control. Check out the hack for youself below:"

Source: _goodbye.html

Comment by Pusher on April 26, 2011, 12:26 am
Interesting. Yet all this trouble without clearing a single line...
Comment by joeybeans on April 22, 2011, 2:34 pm
What am I looking at? I don't get it, a 3D wii game superimposed on a guy's webcam in a 3D space? I'm confused -_-

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