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Update: Important announcement for pre-release testers: link

It has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait: the release version of Nullpomino 7.5 is now available!

Nullpomino 7.5 features improvements in a several different areas. Rated online multiplayer is now based on play styles -- TOJ, Blockbox, and Nullpomino All Spin styles of play -- and doesn't force you to choose from a limited list of rotation rules that don't necessarily fit your needs. Similarly, you can now submit to the All Rules leaderboard in online single player rooms using your own custom rotation rules.

In addition to the new All Rules leaderboard, there are now several more modes available for play and score submission, including the new Dig Challenge mode. Dig Challenge pits you against the pressure of constant garbage. As you survive longer, the garbage builds up faster and faster! Try to survive as you spin, downstack, and combo your way to a high score.

We're also trying a new way of sending garbage in Free For All matches using Change On Attack that we hope will maintain the same excellent balance that one-on-one matches provides. TOJ and All Spin style presets feature our new room option: Divide Change Rate by Number of Players. Coupled with Fractional garbage, which divides attacks evenly among the opposition, Divide Change Rate leads to a more natural feel to the garbage. Rather than getting messier garbage caused by the Change On Attack rules as long as many opposing players/teams survive, this option helps keep the garbage looking more consistent throughout the game.

There have also been a handful of updates in terms of navigation and usability. In offline play, you'll also notice that the clutter of available modes has been cleaned up with the new Mode Folders. When you go to start a new game, you'll find the most popular modes up front and easy to access, with others neatly tucked away and organized into their own categories. In online play, you'll find new display elements such as the on-screen score counter and team colors. And, although we don't support higher resolution graphics (yet!), there is a new screen resize feature in the general options menu if you want to scale things up a bit.

Beyond all that, there have also been various bug fixes and tweaks. Server admins should be happy to hear that the server is much more stable than before. (Sorry for the wait Blink!)

We hope to continue refining the experience Nullpomino provides and giving the community the best game that we can. We're not done just yet, so enjoy 7.5 and stay tuned for our next release!

Comment by Paradox on January 22, 2011, 8:23 pm
Comment by Wojtek on January 21, 2011, 2:18 pm
if you you already regular nullpo player, you will love that version, new features are really awesome. *** if you have tried nullpomino in past and didn't like it for some reason, then you to try again with this version, it's not revolution by any means, but all small refinements sum up for big user experience improvement. *** and if you have not tried nullpomino at all, than what are you waiting for? it's most impressive tetris game in last few years.

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