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Nintendo was the first company to bring the legendary Russian building-block puzzler to the masses when it decided to bundle a copy of Tetris with every original Game Boy system. Phenomenally addictive, Tetris has since found a home on just about every platform in history, including a vast array of mobile phones.

Premise: Do we really need to go over this? Oh, alright. Seven different types of shape (they're called 'tetrominos', don't you know) fall from the ceiling, and your job is to stack them neatly by moving and rotating them before they hit the deck. Creating a solid horizontal line will eliminate every block in that row, which is useful because when the blocks stack up to the top of the play area, it's game over.

Verdict: Let's put it this way: we've played Tetris so extensively that sometimes when we close our eyes we still see the blocks falling. Tetris has taught us how to organise our desk space more efficiently, and the incredible 'Type A' music lulls us to sleep every single night. In some respects, Tetris is actually a terrible mobile game, because when the bus ride is over, you won't want to stop playing."


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