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Everyone knows that applications are a huge deal these days. In fact, they’re essential if you’re going to call your phone a smartphone, and Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Phone 7 will have a good selection available at launch. Here are some of those that have been spotted already:


In the USA, Windows Phone 7 will be blessed with two applications that we, in Europe won’t be getting: Netflix and AT&T’s U-Verse Mobile. You’ll probably be aware of Netflix already, and this app will repeat the functionality found on the iPhone, where subscribers can stream Netflix content onto their mobile.

U-Verse is a digital TV application for downloading TV programmes over Wi-Fi. There is no charge for this if you already subscribe to the U-Verse home service, however if you don’t, you can still pay $9.99 per month for access.

Fandango, an app for finding cinema listings and watching trailers, along with Slacker Radio will also be available. Spotify has confirmed they will be bringing their music streaming app to Windows Phone 7 too, although this may not be ready for the launch but will coincide with their US rollout instead.


With Xbox Live integration, complete with Xbox Live Extras, gaming should be a great experience on Windows Phone 7. Announced for launch, titles include Tetris, Rocket Riot, Uno, Bejewelled, Frogger, Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed, Earthworm Jim, Fruit Ninja, Puzzle Quest 2, Tower Bloxx NY, Real Soccer 2, Guitar Hero 5, Deal or No Deal 2010 and Sims 3.

In amongst all these familiar titles and franchises is a 3D RPG action game named The Harvest, which is exclusive to the platform.

Tools and Social:

IMDb was demoed during the live event, so we know to expect that, plus there is an official Twitter application coming too. Anyone waiting for a Facebook announcement should be aware that the social networking site is built into Windows Phone 7 and therefore won’t need a dedicated application! eBay Mobile has also been listed under the ‘featured picks’ section on the Windows Phone 7 website.

Microsoft have kept quiet on the exact amount of apps that will be available come Windows Phone 7’s release, but provided they keep up the quality of the titles above, quantity probably won’t matter."

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Comment by Kitaru on October 14, 2010, 5:15 pm
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whoooooooooo caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares guuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Another shitty phone Tetris! Another shitty guideline game! Prove me wrong!

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