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The16 Best WiiWare Games

WiiWare Price:1200 Points
Metacritic Rating:86
Tetris Party for WiiWare is solid proof that after 20 years, gamers can never get too much of a good thing. Even after dozens of revamps and spin-off experiments, this puzzle formula still has some life in it, as Tetris Party packs a ton of content into this fully featured download. With all the new modes, you can play the game solo, with four players at once, and even on local co-op with two people clearing blocks on the same playing field. Heck, there's even a mode that lets you control the Tetris blocks with the Wii Balance Board!"


With exception of Tetris Party Deluxe, there's probably no other Tetris release that has as much variety as this WiiWare game, which makes the 1200 Point price completely worth it for livening up your house parties.

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