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Tetris tops 2 lists by the Associated Content: The Best Video Game Theme Music Ever, and Top 10 Video Games with Exceptional Replay Value.

"Like every other form of electronic media, most video games are popular for a time and then fade away into disuse. The exact reason this occurs is different for every video game, but is usually a combination of new competing video games, advances in graphics, and low replay value. While quality video games will often spur the creation of a sequel, many times with few differences from its predecessor, few games actually last the test of time. For a very small number of games, despite improvements in video game technology, the quality of the game and more importantly, the replay value of the game, is so great that the game continues to flourish years and even decades after it is first published. The following games are the best ten games ever with high replay value."

"1. Tetris (Multiple Platforms) - The game with the highest replay value of all time is also, unsurprisingly, the best selling single player game ever. Created in 1984, a version of Tetris has been available on almost every major gaming console, handheld device, and computer platform ever invented. Despite virtually no change in graphics or game play since originally released, the game continues to win awards and praise every single year. Game play is so addictive that one man actually received a 4 month prison sentence for refusing to stop playing while on a plane trip to England. With over ten times as many players as World of Warcraft, and appealing to fans of all ages for over 25 years, no game in history has the replay value of this timeless classic.

While new games have the appeal of originality, video game players will often long for the familiarity of a great older game. No matter how great an old game is, though, if it does not have good replay value, the game simply will begin to bore quickly. The preceding games all have unequivocal replay value and truly are as enjoyable to play today as when they were first released."

"From the humble beginnings of the video game industry, when theme music was just a half dozen MIDI notes strung together, to the grand orchestral renditions common in modern games, music in video games has worked to create a form of synesthesia that enhances the video game experience. For some games, the music is little more than a filler to prevent dead air, while other games intertwine music into every facet of the gaming experience. A few rare games have music that is so intense, well placed, or memorable that the music garners as much attention, or sometimes more, than the actual game itself. These rare games deserve to be remembered and honored for their achievement in sound technology."

"Tetris (Multiple systems) - The simply titled theme of this game, "Type A", is in actuality a classic Russion folk song called "Korobeyniki". Video gamers are generally considered to have little in the way of taste for classical art, yet this classical overture tops the list for most recognizable video game music in the world. Despite versions of Tetris having been released on increasingly powerful consoles, the simple melody of this classic have changed little from the original PC and Gameboy versions. In great part, because this theme music was already a classic before Tetris, there has been little need to make any changes to its excellence.

In addition to being played during the introduction of the game, video game theme music is often used in conjunction with specific images. The great themes detailed here are all game themes, but video games also utilize individual themes for locations, characters, and climactic moments. While not themes for games as a whole, "Chocobo Rondo" and "One Winged Angel" from the Final Fantasy series, "Etna Rock" from Disgaea 2, "Magus' Theme" from Chrono Trigger, and "Dr. Wily's Stage 1 Theme" from Mega Man 2 are all amazing character theme songs that, alongside the previous classic game theme songs, will stand the test of time as some of the best video game themes ever."

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Comment by TomatoKirby on February 12, 2010, 7:56 am

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